Child Eczema Cure: Oct 20, 2011 Grand Unified Theory Root Cause

Here is my latest news and theory about my 10 year old boy’s eczema root cause:

The core eczema problem is large intestine structure integrity mixed up with candida – yeast – fungus / impacted stools in pockets. There are no exotic “germs”, just pleomorphism at work. Their waste fouling up his blood. His body hard at work in cleaning his blood… he has efficient kidneys, efficient liver, efficient lymph. His eczema is saving his life by giving him clean blood at the expense of his skin. We did blood tests today, and his blood is fine except for markedly low creatinine levels… which in my opinion is an indication of low protein absorption in the first place. And probably the heightened efficiency of his liver and kidneys with the anthroposophic medicines and Sanchi Yae and the coffee enemas given by Vander Gaditano.

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday beam ray sessions.

Yesterday Wednesday afternoon we started giving him Sanchi Yae, a very very fast blood detoxifier, the exit of the detox is through his colon. Wednesday… no poop. Thursday afternoon, still no poop. (beam ray and sanchi yae are supposed to generate lots of poop detox).

This evening 6pm we gave him just 1 vinegar enema to coax him to poop out what the Sanchi Yae and the Beam Ray machine had worked on. Problem was before exit was BROWN rock hard stools. When those initial BROWN rock hard stools popped out, a RED flood / sludge of dirt was pooped out. But afterwards, BROWN rock hard stools again. So this means that the rock hard stools formation is intermittent.

Anus – BROWN rock hard stools (in pocket?) – RED sludge – BROWN rock hard stools (in pocket?) – maybe the next sludge – maybe the next rock hard stools (in pocket?)

Why RED sludge? Maybe because of the red dragon fruit he ate. Maybe it is the action of Sanchi Yae.

Hard Poop - Red Sludge - Then Hard Poop Again... Pockets in his colon as the root cause of this boy's condition.

I remember the boy telling me that in the past there were times he would poop only 1 time a week. How could we as parents have missed that? When was that?

Maybe his colon has pockets where things get stuck / infected / fungus – yeast – candida growths occur + rock hard stools. Colon wrecked out of shape, colon needs rehabilitating.

We need to give him oil enemas again, virgin coconut oil, olive oil, to help unlock any other rock hard stuff in his colon in any of those pockets.

This is a throwback to last year’s intussusception – there is still something wrong and it needs to be fixed. Also the reason of his nutritional deficiencies with a not fully functioning colon. Where he had TB in 2009. And I did raw paleo diet on him then complete with blood for 2 months… which was cut short because the big Ondoy flood destroyed our home, our car and all or belongings.

I need to flood him with hydration and raw animal FAT FAT FAT. To restore his colon.

I’m also thinking of my great experience with Barefoot Herbalist MH’s LBB capsules which restored my colon to Superman status. Maybe there is LBB junior. Let’s see.

I really think the root cause of his small and less muscular status is malabsorption of nutrients in a bad / wrecked colon.

I plan to put him on an almost Zero Carb diet beginning tomorrow. Eat only:

– fresh raw coconut juice

– 10 seconds each side 1 inch thick seared super fatty beef (this makes him eat a lot, and with the thickness, I get away with a lot of raw goodness for him)

Plus he still drinks the Sanchi Yae detoxifier. He drinks his anthroposophic meds.

I will have him miss the beam ray session tomorrow. He needs big big rest.

I feel the enema and disposal of lots of gunk last night will put him in healing / sleeping mode. Just as Aajonus Vonderplanitz and other healers describe healing mode as 15++ hours of sleep straight. I will not be waking him up. I may even encourage the putting up of curtains to darken the room in the morning so he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.

Now that we have a grand unified theory root cause of his eczema. It’s time to plan the grand unified theory to cure and make the boy strong and muscular. He’s 10 years old in a 7 year old body. If we rehabilitate his colon like superman like I did mine, he will be able to absorb nutrients, he will be muscular, and we may be in time for him to start his growth spurt.

Diet will be raw / rare raw paleo diet. Very very high fat. Mostly animal. Initially very low carb diet. Any fruit in the future must be fiber free and very easy to digest. No seeds to swallow that could get stuck and grow in pockets. Some vegetables juiced… no fiber. Scheduled virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil enemas.

When he is stronger, see if he can do virgin coconut oil detoxes. We just have to find a suitable truly cold pressed virgin coconut oil for him. So I will do a vco detox on myself first using that virgin coconut oil first.

I may be thinking too far ahead, and this theory may be wrong and may still be adjusted. But I’m excited to have a working theory where everything fits.

This is the kind of theory only a live in healer and full time parent can cook up. Because I made him and raised him and heal him hands on. Maybe the true reason I became a healer is because I have to save this boy. And I’m glad to have practiced and healed many other people of incurable diseases so when my own son gets sick I will have become proficient enough to heal him.

Let’s not forget that I’m just Daddy. There is also Mommy’s half of the story.

I will report again what transpires in the morning.


  1. Why Olive Oil Re-Educates the Colon

    There are certain characteristics that make olive oil the premiere choice as a medium for use in procedures that help re-educate the colon posture within the abdominal cavity. They are as follows:


    Diverticulitiis is a condition where herniated pockets begin forming in your colon. The pockets will ultimately catch and trap feces. In time, the feces will build up and lead to blockages and problems evacuating stool properly. Colon constipation will result and ultimately could lead to bacteria and toxins being re-released back into the body.

    Search for compacted fecal matter.

  3. It is 6:25am.

    The boy is still sound asleep. We have darkened the room as much as we can. Morning light still seeping in.

    We opened a coconut and put coconut juice in a glass beside the boy so when he wakes up he just drinks the coconut juice and goes back to sleep.

    I spiked his coconut juice with Adoxy, 10 drops. Part of his detox process.

    His left leg is all wet from the weeping eczema.

    When he wakes up today we will do a virgin coconut oil enema and an extra virgin olive oil enema to root out any other old compacted fecal matter from his colon.

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