Child Eczema Cure: Orange Juice Fast Plus Raw Duck Eggs for Candida, Diverticulitis, Dermatitis, Constipation

Now that we have the bulk of the fungus problem dumped out through the poop, we can now have sane levels of carbohydrates. The problem now is curing leaky gut or diverticulitis or dermatitis or candida as described by the healer Aajonus Vonderplanitz as follows:

CANDIDA is a yeast-like condition (detoxification) that eats little stagnant pools of blood that result from internal lesions caused by dryness and cracking of the tissues within the body. Candida fungus cleans the system by eating degenerated tissue damaged by accumulated cooked carbohydrate-based, adrenaline- or insulin-related chemicals. Candida is helpful and should have its cycle. The worst thing anyone can do if he or she wants to improve his or her health is to destroy Candida…

…Eating raw fish or organic raw chicken or turkey helps heal and restore damaged and dead nerve tissue and skin.

We Want To Live page 243-244

That is such a cool description of Candida.

Now onto Diverticulitis:

DIVERTICULITIS is inflammation in one or more of the sacs of the intestines. It can result from food that has collected and adhered to the sac, or toxins within the intestinal walls in a given area. It most often results from a fat-deficiency, usually accompanied by protein deficiency. Often that results in the body’s inability to produce proper or enough mucus to protect intestinal walls. There may be several reasons for fat deficiencies; see Appendix O, pages 145-150.

Symptoms: abdominal cramps or pain, irregular bowel movements,
gas, lethargy and continued abdominal bloating.

Eating 1-2 eggs every 1-2 hours following that with 1⁄2 tablespoon of butter/honey mixture for 3-7 days calms this condition. Afterward, eating more raw fat with everything that is eaten, and eating raw meat corrects diverticulitis. Eating vegetable salads often slows digestion and irritates the intestines; it is healthiest not to eat salads except as the very last food of the day. Drinking raw fresh vegetable juices soothes intestines. If experiencing intestinal cramps, eating 1⁄2 raw papaya with 1⁄2 avocado, or other raw fat (except cheeses) usually relieves cramps.

Eating whichever raw meats that are appropriate for you will
strengthen and tone your intestines.

on to Dermatitis

DERMATITIS applies to various inflammations in the skin. These
inflammations are detoxification of the lymph and the skin.
Eating 2-4 smoothies daily blended with red or yellow fresh raw unripe fruit (like tomato, or papaya, or pineapple) and getting plenty of sunshine assist this detoxification. If the taste of tomatoes blended with eggs is repulsive, the smoothie can be made with another fruit. Then, in between smoothies, eating plenty of raw tomatoes or a raw tomato drink (2-5 tomatoes blended with 1-4 tablespoons unheated honey and 1-2 tablespoons of raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar) neutralizes toxins that cause this condition.

Topically, rinsing the skin with a mixture of 2 ounces water and 1 tablespoon raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar provides the skin with nutrients to detoxify more easily so that large skin eruptions are not as necessary, if at all. See Acne, page 216, and Fever blister, page 263.

on to Constipation

CONSTIPATION is a condition where fecal matter collects, dries out and is difficult to expel.

For temporary relief: Blending a green apple with 5-8 tablespoons of cold-pressed-below-96° Fahrenheit oil, the juice of 1⁄2 lemon or lime and 1-2 tablespoons unheated honey usually gets fecal matter moving quickly. Owanza’s remedy is to drink raw fresh grapefruit juice.

Another is to drink the mixture of 6 ounces hot water (no hotter than a finger can stand when immersed for 3 seconds), 4 tablespoons unheated honey, 3 tablespoons raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and the juice of 1⁄2 lemon or lime. A less comfortable remedy would be to eat unripe pineapple while drinking 5-8 tablespoons stone-pressed raw
olive oil, or 4 tablespoons cold-pressed-below-96° Fahrenheit raw flax seed oil.

Constipation indicates that a person is not eating enough fat, or that he or she is eating too many cooked foods that are drying and hardening because they are indigestible, inassimilable and unutilizable.

Eating plenty of fresh raw foods, including plenty of raw fat, usually eliminates constipation.

Chronic constipation results from too little E.coli bacteria in the digestive tract, usually caused by antibiotics, vaccines, food additives and preservatives. See the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 15.

Now that we have Aajonus’ teachings on those conditions. It’s time to mix in with Barefoot Herbalist MH’s teachings with his orange juice fast which restores the delicate vili in the intestines and resets a troubled stomach, something like curing leaky gut.

In orange juice fasting, you are to drink diluted fresh raw orange juice every hour. At the same time you are encouraged to drink plant fats. In my case as a raw paleo dieter, I’m not afraid of raw eggs. Especially raw duck eggs from Palawan, the last frontier, which 3 trays just arrived. Now is the time to use them.

Aajonus has a plan for diverticulitis which is raw eggs every hour plus raw butter and raw honey. I have some blue ice cod liver oil with butter oil and I have my medicinal raw honey. That will have to do for every hour treatment. Yesterday it was just raw eggs and orange juice. Today I added the butter oil – cod liver oil and raw wild honey. My boy did not appreciate the butter oil – cod liver oil without the capsules so I just gave it to him in capsules.

The selection of oranges is vital. I went to market and found lots of orange sellers, but most of them were seedless. I came upon a stall with australian oranges, 1 seedless and 1 with seeds. I tasted both and did notice the difference with the ones with seeds, so I bought 50 oranges with seeds in them.

Every morning we are squeezing 6 oranges for my boy and 8 oranges for me. We are both on the same program. Of course, the teacher needs to do the same thing the student is doing. Student merely follows. And I get to experience what he is experiencing.

Constipation is our uber problem. When we began the orange juice fast, the boy had not pooped again in 2 days. On the night before the orange juice fast we gave him 1 tablespoon of castor oil. No poop in the morning. So after lunch I gave him a warm water enema. That got his poop reflex started, but he was that extremely constipated inside, only a few bits came out. I prepared for a virgin coconut oil enema for the 2nd round but his hemorrhoids acted up. Grrr…. frustrating. I gave him another 1 tablespoon of castor oil downed with a raw egg.

The day before the first orange juice fast, I got him to steam bath for 20 minutes and then take 2 dippers of bathing water, filtered. That was some relief.

Yesterday afternoon we did another steam bath and 2 dippers of water.

But it is extremely frustrating because the boy is afraid of water hurting his wounds.

I got the boy hooked on bookworm adventure, a video game exercising word formation. And a few movies, that keeps his mind off of his itching. It’s not waldorf approved but it works to help him stop scratching.

Anthroposophic medicines are still given 4 times a day. No capsules in them. They are administered under the tongue.

I stick with the boy almost 24 hours a day because it keeps him from going off track his diet. Last night I went out to buy Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and I get furious texts from my boy saying he wants to eat cooked meat and rice. When I’m home with him he gets no such ideas. It is because no one else in the house is capable of sticking to healing diets and their mental vibrations just cannot keep the boy on the straight and narrow path of orange juice fasting.

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