Successful Extra Virgin Olive Oil Enema + Exorcism

October 31 evening:

Past 2 days small items on his skin had healed… no doubt due to the
orange juice fast with raw eggs in them.

Successful extra virgin olive oil enema!
Got a cumulative fist load of impacted fecal matter pebbles.

But like before, he becomes itchy all over when we get him to move his
bowels. It is as if we stirred something inside his guts and it is
causing him to itch again. What could it be?

I’m guessing:
– the pouches where the impacted fecal matter are infected / candida
– boy is eczematic so dirty blood passes dirt to the lymph, lymph passes
on to the skin.

I firmly believe this is a bad case of diverticulitis with candida
involved as described by Aajonus Vonderplanitz… past chronic
constipation, causing malnutrition.

It may not be diverticulitis but what is obvious is the
IMPACTED COLON / impacted fecal matter.
(Type 1 on the Bristol Stool Chart: Separate Hard Lumps, like nuts, hard
to pass)

Last year’s intussusception IMPACTED stools.

last week: Impacted stools + sludge + impacted stools

3 days ago: impacted stools

Yesterday: impacted stools again


November 01

More poop this morning when my boy woke up.
This time just liquid yellow brown. Maybe new or leftover from all the
olive oil enema yesterday.
As usual he felt itchier.
This is a good sign. He must poop every single day.

My wife put ghee on his back to massage, boy said that helped somewhat.
He had some orange juice, pineapple, then raw egg this morning while I was
in the market.
By past 11am he was hungry for meat, I tried:

– raw organic chicken with calamansi and honey (he didn’t care much for it.)
– I gave him 2 small raw hasa hasa fish fillets with skin (he liked it,
but not much.)
– I gave him a whole 6 inch raw squid filled with eggs in it… (he liked
that and ate it all)

But of course he looked for his Filipino staple of cooked rice with cooked

We were cooking the squid for the rest of the household so I had some
squid half cooked for my boy with black ink and rice. He relished it, ate
quite a lot of both the half cooked squid in ink and rice. Then I gave
him 3 capsules of blue ice butter oil with cod liver oil downed with a
little orange juice.

So that is his cheat for today as I promised him.

His left arm looks like it will heal all the way.


On my wife’s side of things, she and her sister have called up the
Spiritual Crusaders / Exorcists and have been battling the forces of
“kulam” / evil witch spell casters for 3 days now. I can’t reveal the
details because they say I’m not supposed to blog about it. But they are
in full force in the thick of battle.

No Filipino healing is complete without this aspect of spiritual healing.

Whatever I’m doing is only 50% from their point of view.

That’s okay, I’m just 50% of the boy’s genes.

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