Child Eczema Cure: Barefoot Herbalist MH LBB Capsules Arrive Friday 04 November Boy Poops Daily

Friday 04 November in the afternoon Barefoot Herbalist MH LBB capsules arrived. We had this delivered by the fastest and most expensive FEDEX delivery method. It was worth it. Since Friday the 4th, then Saturday the 5th, then Sunday the 6th our boy has been pooping daily. And lots of them. No need for olive oil enemas.

Barefoot Herbalist MH LBB capsules are meant to correct, cure, strengthen colons so at the end of 30, 60, 90 days of taking them regularly you are strong and independent from the use of any laxatives. That’s if you stay on a human diet such as raw paleo diet or cheat at times with cooked fatty meat.

I know LBBs will work because I myself had used these wonderful LBBs during my recovery and LBBs made my colon very strong. I remember we still had a bunch of these LBBs but they all got washed out in the 2009 flood.

Yesterday the 6th my boy pooped bing twice and gave me the feedback that his tummy gurgled every time he ate. Hmmm… maybe 1 LBB daily is too much for him.

This morning the 7th, I reduced his LBB intake to just 1/2 of a capsule. I just opened the capsule and threw out half of the contents.

We have to slow down a bit.

His wounds are healing everywhere. Arms, legs, feet, stomach, back.

He can now walk, run and jump.

He just has a little problem with some spots in his groin but we are experimenting with clove oil and virgin coconut oil combination for that. I know that combination works for me. His first dab today seemed to be working.

Back to the LBB. Of course it works. Barefoot is great!

His current website is

And no, the way his products are made will not allow just any uneducated shoppers. You need to read, educate yourself, ask in his forum before you buy stuff from him.

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