Child Eczema Cure Nov 20 Update: VCO Detox, VCO, Staph, Jock Itch

A few days ago we had a mildly successful vco detox. I used yogurt, vco, lemon, distilled water, salt. I mixed the vco in the yogurt. But it seems to be too filling for the boy. Cush lasted until around 8:30pm when he wanted coconut juice before going to sleep.

After that VCO detox we shifted diets to a completely different one:

no more orange juice
no more fish kinilaw
no more cod liver oil
no more eggs
no more malansa foods.

We instead shifted to:

coconut juice
taheebo tea
fruits in season
vco supplements in capsules (Cush hates the taste of vco)
raw beef / seared beef (his intestines are healed enough to handle this now)
seared lamb
raw bulalo (bone marrow) with monggo sprouts and bone soup

We also did a new beam ray session:

– for staph ( anthroposophic doc suspects this on his skin )
– for psuedomonas ( 2 weeks ago lbm that hit the whole household except
cush and me… raw paleo dieters rock )

And for topicals, the oregano oil is now itch causing. He now responds
well to just plain vco. I am suspecting if the beam ray got rid of lots
of bacteria. The fungus / yeast / candida will now lord it over, so we
are on an anti candida diet and skin regimen.

We have succeeded in convincing him to quickly bathe daily.
And today finally wear shorts instead of long pajamas. So his legs can breath

I see jock itch that is left. At any sign of an itch he puts on his own vco. It seems to be working

So tomorrow we are doing a 2nd VCO detox. But I am better armed this time
because I have additionally stevia sachets as sweetener and pink himalayan
salt. So I predict a better 2nd vco detox which I hope lasts until he
falls asleep.

We are targeting by Wednesday he begins going to school half day just to
comply with DECS requirement of consecutive absences.

For 2 Fridays now, the anthroposophic doctor has been giving him booster shots to make sure he has ample vitamin C and vitamin B12 in his blood… plus other items.

Friday Cush went to the biological dentist and dentist saw 4 teeth in 4 quarters all growing and pushing at temporary teeth. This has been giving our boy tooth aches and makes it difficult at times for him to chew on his meat. But I’m teaching him to just swallow raw / rare meat. Bolting the the carnivorous method of consuming raw meat and raw fat.

This 2nd VCO detox tomorrow shows we are on the offensive. His eating raw beef / rare beef shows his intestines have healed enough to be able to digest beef. His candida is fast fading.

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