Child Eczema Cure Biological Dentist Visit Results in Pulling 2 Decayed Teeth

We just visited the biological dentist Dr. Gaba this 11am. He did some cleaning and then pulled 2 decayed teeth in the upper left quadrant. They were temporary teeth, molars. New permanent teeth are on the way right behind them.

We are cleaning up my son’s dental work. This dental cleansing is part and parcel of the detox protocols. I believe there is a link between the tooth decays he has and his internal stresses. So it is a good idea to remove all decayed teeth or cure the decayed teeth with a cure tooth decay version of a raw paleo diet.

Tooth decays have reportedly been cured on raw paleo diets with high raw fat and 95% raw animal food with very high nutritional profiles such as liver, clams, etc. See Rami Nagel’s book, How to Cure Tooth Decay.

I myself am waiting if this is true for me as I had a large filling come off of a molar and I’m waiting for my molar to re-fill.

I believe my son can and will get rid of his tooth decay if he does regular oil pulling, flossing and brushing plus a mouth gargle invented by a local inventor that cures tooth decays. Sounds like a good plan. The problem is execution.

This morning my son shared that previously his gums bled for 5 hours after his tooth was pulled. This time I gave him a small glass of freshly juiced kamote tops leaves so that his blood clotting ability will be boosted. We were rewarded that this pulling of 2 teeth has resulted in him bleeding for only 2-3 hours by my own son’s estimate.

We are temporarily scheduled for Thursday 3pm again with the biological dentist for more teeth to be pulled. My son is concerned if more teeth are pulled, this may impair his eating, chewing. I will have to discuss with the dentist.

His eczemas are still continuously healing. No more pain at all in his bath. The erythrasma is in full retreat with 3x a day application of fucidic acid. We are due to finish on the 7th or 8th day.

Next up I just told him is we do a bath, a bath tub bath with some 8 drops of 100% pure oregano oil to disinfect his entire body. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow he is scheduled to do an orange juice fast with some raw duck eggs. We recently got raw duck eggs from Palawan. Good timing. And I’ve got some new raw wild honey, the kind he likes. Tomorrow will proceed with the 6 oranges diluted in distilled water. Then in periodic times take a full raw duck egg followed by a teaspoon of raw wild honey. It is the formula for leaky gut cure and large intestine colon cure for diverticulitis.

He will still take 1 LBB capsule tomorrow to fix his guts.

I’ve been monitoring his stools and they are not yet of the dark brown normal variety. He reports it as black. And sometimes of some light color. I saw this afternoon as black. Not jet black. But my guess is that the LBB is cleaning up inside his intestines. This is not over yet. But we are close. Very close.

Visually, you could say he is cured maybe 90% of the way. Let’s hope progress continues this consistently.


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