Child Eczema Cure – Goat Milk Constipates but Poop is now Brown!

After several days on raw goats milk suddenly this morning my son wanted to poop but turned out he was constipated. Hard poop but the reward was now brown poop. There’s the bad… constipation. There’s the good, poop is now brown. Adjustments need to take place.

This morning he couldn’t go to school. Too drained by constipation. Instead we drove to the Sierra Madre mountains to the organic cow’s milk store and bought 5 liters of raw cow’s milk. Boy says this cow’s milk tastes better. And detoxes him through his pee. Will it be less constipating? If it is fatter maybe.

Other adjustments is I’ll be feeding my boy more raw eggs, and more virgin coconut oil. I also upped the number of LBB capsules to 2 instead of just 1. I’ll also see when I can give him an olive oil enema just for sureness sake that all pockets are clear of impacted fecal matter.

High fat diet is the key. More fat, more fat. Thinking of bringing back the fermented butter oil and cod liver oil. Yes, I’ll do that.

With the remaining trouble spots in his legs, there was one spot at the left leg that we still put on fusidic acid, that cleared it. I saw 3 more spots that were iffy this afternoon and put fusidic acid too.

Last night we did a 10 minute bath tub with 8 drops of oregano oil.

Before sleeping I had a massage expert come and massage him with ghee for scar erasing.

Maybe tonight I will give him a massage with virgin coconut oil spiked with oil of oregano.

Update Dec 03:

I know now why the raw goat milk is constipating. I ordered a 2nd batch and found that it had previously been frozen. Grrr… things have changed… of course the freezing process is detrimental.

The raw cow’s milk we got from Sierra Madre mountains are never frozen. Thus a short life of 3 days in the refrigerator.

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