Child Eczema Cure: Raw Milk Therapy Ends, Lower Right Molar Extracted

Today was a big day for my boy. Today marked the end of his raw milk therapy. In the past few days he has been getting colds. Mucus. Especially with the air conditioner. We are suspecting raw milk overdose. The last straw was this morning. Constipation. Got tired pooping out the entire contents of his length of the colon. That’s it, raw milk is over. And the poop is dark brown. So mission accomplished on that score.

This afternoon was also biological dentist appointment day. Had convinced a week ago to my boy that our cure tooth decay raw paleo diet program was not going to be enough to finally cure him. Those infected temporary teeth had to go, they are temporary anyway.

The biological dentist congratulated me for having the infection subside due to my cure tooth decay protocols. Thus my boy had an easier time with the tooth extraction. Still, the biological dentist says he got half a tea spoon of pus. That’s a big contributor stressing the rest of his body.

Two last infected baby teeth in the upper right quadrant of his mouth. I scheduled for a Thursday next week appointment. And that seems to be the last of our dental cleans phase.

I can then move on to try and address more possible root causes of my boy’s health issues.

There seem to be some eczemas at the back of his legs and his right arm is not fully healed.

Today is a monumental day of changes. The following week is something to look forward to.

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