Child Eczema Cure: Olive Oil Enema then Orange Juice Fast Day

For the past week we cycled topicals on the last few eczema spots on my son. Fusidic acid, blessed virgin coconut oil with special ashes, oregano oil in progressively higher concentrations in virgin coconut oil… and at times Barefoot Herbalist Spray III… painful stuff but we get to know where it still hurts and what is still eczema.

So with the barefoot herbalist spray III we found out that the back of the knees still have some eczema. All other parts are mere secondary infections.

Knowing that there is still some eczema left, I figured we do another olive oil enema, which we did last night. Then today we had my boy do an orange juice fast with Sagada oranges, then in the morning 1 egg yolk, and the Green Pastures Butter oil + cod liver oil fat supplement by heaping tea spoon full… gave 4 times today.

Boy is still doing some anthroposophic medicines. It has been adjusted to just a few.

Last week he had a B12 shot and he felt better the following day. Shows we still have a lot of intestinal work to be done. I am just looking at the right time when to introduce probiotics to him. Remember that this entire problem got sparked by giving him probiotics.

I am looking at little by little doses of the acidophilus probiotics from Gil Carandang of Herbana Farms. It does splendidly well for me when I cheat from my raw paleo diet and eat cooked meats at socials. So maybe bit by ever increasing bit of probiotics to my boy may do good. The objective is he restores his flora with the right bacterial fauna so he creates his own B12.

Of course this means I have to look for regular sources of raw liver for B12. The boy is topped up full of raw clams already.

Boy’s face is rounder. He’s grown taller. He’s active and normal. His right foot eczema has healed enough. This evening I bought him new shoes. Finally he has shoes that fit him. Since this problem started he had only worn slippers. Now he has shoes! Progress!

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