What is it like to be Eczema Cured for 6 Years?

Are you curious to know what it is like to be eczema cured? How about being eczema cured for 6 years like me today? My health, my life, my habits, my preferences, my diet, my looks are so very different from 10 years ago. Everything is better, health is top notch. My dream of being healthy has been realized. I am healthy. I’ve stopped worrying about my health. It is time for me to pursue new dreams.

Learning more and more about health today is inspired by my goal to completely cure my 10 year old boy of his intestinal damage which manifests as eczema, and my 2 younger kids who have symptoms of eczema on their legs from time to time. Seems the children are indeed genetically mine, their need for a raw paleo diet is there. They are in school these days and suffer from peer pressure to eat cooked food. But they know when a health crisis comes that raw paleo diet will come to their rescue.

Over these past years I’ve gone way beyond eczema, to psoriasis, to diabetes, to cancer, to erectile dysfunction, retinal detachments, acid reflux / GERD, kidney failures to emergency situations like appendicitis, pneumonia, dengue fever and injuries and more. I am now the network administrator of the international forum www.rawpaleodietforum.com

I have indeed become an accomplished and experienced hands on healer. Something I never dreamed and never wanted and never asked for. Yet here I am.

Maybe it is in my pro-life ethic. To do real, altruistic good, to be a good samaritan. Teaching and hands on healing has made me an even better healer due to constant practice.

I have become the sole wet marketer. I not only make money for the household, I also do all the food buying and selection. The healer of the house must be the food buyer and meal planner so that everyone benefits. I now know where and who to buy from and can identify fresh, tasty, good food when I see it and taste it.

4 years of raw paleo diet and I have become so adjusted to raw everything I find eating cooked meats unsavory.

There has been no shortage of people in need of healing these past few years. It is as if I was meant to learn this stuff so I could heal them and save them.

The websites I’ve made and the forums where I post have helped hundreds of people so far and in the future will save thousands more.

From here on I plan to shoot videos and author books to reach an even wider audience that needs this kind of healing. I’ve realized I have to make some kind of business model to perpetuate the propagation of these true health ideas, because only with an earning business model will these healing paradigms be popularized.

I have this dream that some day, in my lifetime, all that I teach in my websites will be common sense healing. Something like… “yes we know raw paleo diet and lifestyle is the solution”… “but I’m not ready to make that change yet…” So at least when they die or suffer… they know they passed up on THE CORE FOUNDATION of the CURE for most diseases of civilization.

6 years is a lot of learning in today’s 21st century information technology. We learn and teach faster than ever.

The teachings in this website work… for those who take action. And it is heart warming to read about your emails of success stories achieved so much faster with our 21st century information technology. Let’s be thankful for this wonderful internet that we all now share.

And what of my past eczema? I never ever think about it. It just does not happen anymore. My entire body has changed for the better.

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