Jeff in Hong Kong Eczema Cured After 20 Years and Very Passionate to Share His Story

Jeff in Hong Kong posts in the raw paleo diet forum as LetsDoItEczema and immediately ruffled some feathers as he shared his success not just with raw paleo diet but also success with uropathy — drinking your own pee and slathering pee on your skin.  Yes that’s true, and don’t be turned off.  Pee is very useful.  Pee is the first aid for jelly fish or sea urchin wounds… drown your wound in pee.  I’ve used pee on pimples.  Aajonus Vonderplanitz has experimented with pee.  Some athletes such as the boxer Juan Miguel Marquez showed on HBO TV that he drinks his pee as part of his training regimen vs Manny Pacquiao.

In the raw paleo diet forum Jeff was so passionate and excited about his newly eczema cured self.  I remember that same time myself in 2006 when I was posting in skincell forum and those moderators rudely dismissed me as “confusing their members” because I was cured.  I’m not doubting Jeff’s uropathy testimony, every healing protocol helps and that uropathy was just what Jeff needed at that time.

More than just forum posting of Jeff’s success, Jeff had the talent and the passion to create his own eczema cure website he calls “Nature’s cure for eczema” at

In that website Jeff tells a long personal heart wrenching story of his suffering. If you had suffered from eczema or psoriasis for a short or long time, you know how bad and how gut wrenching some of these events in our lives had been. I still feel this kind of gut wrenching and soul searching challenges every time I help heal people in disease crises… even more painful with my own brother who almost died of psoriasis… and my own 10 year old boy recently whose large and small intestines were immensely injured.

The great part is Jeff captures this raw emotion in all it’s newness… the novelty of JUST CURED and wrote it down in his website in his own words.

So let me summarize Jeff’s ordeal how I understood it. Jeff is Chinese, currently living in and grew up in Hong Kong, today 22 years old. He started getting eczema at 1 year old, had small successes and major suffering moments… almost deathly moments where he was hospitalized and given the best western medical care of drugs and steroids to allow his eczema to be suppressed enough for Jeff to be discharged from the hospital. What was great is for many years, Jeff had understood the truth about what eczema was and how drugs and steroids play their role of merely symptom suppression, but your internal organs pay the price.

Jeff already knew for some time what eczema really was and the mechanisms of how it works, but frustratingly had not really fixed his problem… because he had not yet gone to the “deep end”… to the “last resort” people would rather avoid / not do / ignore… drinking your own pee (uropathy) and eating raw animal meat and raw animal fat (along with a raw paleo diet).

Then boom! At around a month of uropathy and raw paleo diet came really fast healing. As Jeff pointed out, some 90% to 95% of his symptoms and overall health turned around for the best. And to think he had to suffer for 21 years. Jeff counts himself lucky and thankful for it. We are now at the age of the internet, and with the internet, Jeff found what he needed and now willingly shares the lessons he learned by publishing his own website.

Jeff highlights that the major things that had worked for him were:

  • Raw Paleo Diet
  • Sun Bathing
  • Coffee Enemas
  • Uropathy

Jeff took some pictures… not during the really worst times… but great enough for you to see just how much healing you can do when you do the right thing.




*** Do not scroll down any further if you cannot stomach seeing gross pictures. ***

Incredible before and after pictures:

December 2011 vs January 2012.

Click on a thumbnail for full size picture and description.

You MUST visit Jeff’s website: Nature’s Cure For Eczema Allergies


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