Child Eczema, Home Pollution Avoidance, Non Toxic Wood Finishing

Finally, our home roof fixing has been finished.  In 2009 our entire house was submerged in a muddy flood caused by typhoon Ondoy.  For some reason we forgot that the 6 inch gap between the ceiling and the roof housed mud / soil / now fine dust and it was slowly leaking into the indoor air.  We were breathing, living, sleeping in it all.  We discovered this after the fact we had been getting sick of respiratory ailments.  I as a raw paleo diet practitioner lasted the longest but still had some colds.  Therefore the root cause was external, air born, home pollution.

The roof fixing began when we started our vacation road trip.  Good that we missed the first 2 weeks of the de-construction work.  We just left money with our contractor and they did the job.  They tore down the entire ceiling.  They gathered 8 sacks of dirt / mud / soil / dust.  Whoa… 8 sacks!  And then they restored whatever ceiling boards were left and we bought new ceiling boards.

Next came the question of non-toxic wood staining and finishing.  We researched and finally came to the conclusion to use commercial instant coffee for the wood staining.  And for the wood finishing in place of varnish, we used bees wax mixed with olive oil in a 2 : 3 ratio so it would harden in our tropical temperature.  The original note we got over the internet was for a ratio of 1 : 4 but it was not hardening in our tropical weather.

We spent a bundle… on our vacation and on the home fixing.  The non-toxic wood finishing turned out to be cheap.

As for the floors, my wife did not want any floor wax pollution so we wound up using candle wax.

We’ve moved our stuff back in and started sleeping in our home again.

But this story isn’t finished.  There is much more work to be done.

So all this effort is not just for our child with the healing eczema, it is for the entire family as well.


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