Packed Lunch while going over to a Friend’s House for Child Eczema Cure

School has started.   Our child eczema hero is now 11 years old and sociable.  I encourage him.  He likes going over to friends’ houses and I take pains to have the driver drop him over even if it is several kilometers away.  Socializing is important for our growing children.  So playing over at friends is important.  I have to support that.  Necessarily those parents in the host homes will have to feed our children… but they may not be in the same mindset or have the same health awareness as we do.

Let’s take the example of my boy yesterday Saturday.  He said we wanted to be sent to his classmate.  But I had the presence of mind to quickly cook and pack him some lunch.  I had some fatty grass fed ground beef with organic carrots and raw organic cucumbers for him.  That literally saved his gut from the host food which was spaghetti and tomato sauce and ground commercial pork.  Whew!

My 2 younger kids 8 and 7 were left with relatives the same day.  And I didn’t pack them any lunch.  They wound up eating commercial pork and rice… and for snacks they had chocolates.  Arrrggghhh… these 2 younger kids had their fair share of eczema years ago… but not these days… so maybe they can take that kind of beating once in a while?  Can they?

The status of my 11 year old we are following with the full blown eczema last year?  We are relaxing into cooked paleo diet for him.  His bed is now an air bed and he loves it, he sleeps the longest among the 3 children.  Air bed is good for less dust mites that could possibly eat into him with open wounds.  His right arm has recently healed, hope it stays that way.  His stomach, his loins and his butt remain healed.  The back of his legs are the ones with the left over eczema itch at times.  Boy needs to learn to take a shower earlier in the day when he gets home for cleanliness, not later in the day just before dinner or after dinner.  At last I found a toothpaste he likes to brush with, one with bee propolis.  He needs his oral health in order.  I may improve on his toothpaste by having him dunk the toothbrush with the toothpaste in baking soda.  Oral health is a big key in his recovery and the improvement of his oral health cleaning habits made a significant contribution in his healing.

I still have a small jar with a combination of essential oils with virgin coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, oregano oil and clove oil.  But it is rarely used.  Only if he scratches something to pain.  Rarely now seems to me is once a week?

The past weeks I gave him raw fat 3x a day in fermented cod liver oil and butter oil from green pastures.  Then I started giving him a dropper of barefoot herbalist mh’s tree iodine and potassium supplement… figured that body crisis situations consumed lots of iodine and he needs more and MH’s tree iodine is just the right form for supplementing.


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