Psoriasis Treatment and Cure: Luke’s Journal Teaches You What It Takes Part 2

This is part 2 of Luke from Poland’s psoriasis treatment and cure journal.  At this time I made a comment of how Luke seems to be rushing his detox protocols.

Wow, big stones.

Just reading your detox adventure is tiring. You deserve rest.

Did you feel an energy surge yet after a liver flush?

I felt a big energy surge after my 3rd liver flush.

Luke’s next post was:


I had a great sex with my girl yesterday so loooooong Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Are you know the song:Snoop Dogg “Sexual eruption” Wink—>you must see video Wink
Yesterday we saw this song on Snoop’s concert and you know what was after Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
….Ok, ok I must paint my pictures at work by now Wink
And after an ichting came to my arms Sad this is probably related with blood circulation after some phisician activity.My blood is still poisoned by toxins.

But for real I have more energy- it’s true and my psoriasis is soften by now

I think an orange juice fasting improve my skin—>leaky gut cause.

Photos photos photos I must do some but tomorrow soon.
Today i will not have time Undecided


and then he posts pictures of his psoriasis progress:


catch my photos of psoriasis, they are ugly I now but there are better look then before.So they are my first photos.After next detox protocols maybe week or 2 I will paste next I think with improvement.

This is my left arm, and upper part is more softly then lower:

This is my right arm.The bloody rings are very,very slowly disapearing:

There was a sign that almost completely disappeared:

The lower part of my right arm:

My right shoulder where the mark is gone:

My foreward side of neck- the big mark is gone by now but it was 2 months ago.It was the first mark which disappeared after couple of urine enemas for colon cleansing:

The last one is my whole neck:

I know I’ve got a dry skin yet.But over time it will be able to change.

Greetings for all Wink

For viewing convenience, I post here Luke’s pictures in photo gallery format.

to be continued in the next post.