Psoriasis Cure by Luke from Poland!

One of the great things about 21st century information technology is we have access to a lot of data, a lot of different points of views, a lot of experiences of OTHER CURED PEOPLE. This knowledge snowballs and becomes larger and more informative as the years progress. Take the case of Luke from Poland. Because others have reported it, written about it, showed psoriasis cures, he was able to find his own PSORIASIS CURE.

Luke learned the principles of eating clean pure raw food: a raw paleo diet with raw fruit, raw vegetables and raw meat with raw fat. Luke learned the principles of cleaning his body which are usually called detox protocols. Plus he did many things specific to his own personality.

Armed with knowledge, armed with determination, Luke charged on – a man with a mission – he made the needed changes in his life and he did make it. He made it through the rain. Just like in that old Barry Manilow song. I get sentimental when I hear that song.

How about you? Would you like to “make it through the rain” as well? Be Psoriasis Cured?

*** Updated June 26, 2011 to include Luke’s Psoriasis Cure Journal

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Analyzing Luke’s Psoriasis Cure: He Already Knew He Would Be Cured because he had the correct paradigm.