Psoriasis Treatment and Cure: Luke’s Journal Teaches You What It Takes Part 6

This is part 6 of Luke from Poland’s psoriasis treatment and cure journal. At this time I made a comment of how Luke seems to be rushing his detox protocols.


Hello all,
It was a hard evening yesterday.I felt like be with fever. But today show me news from my body.It was only few stones and little small stones which I couldn’t get from my strainer becuse they were too small and the rerst was an old bile I think .But there was another suprise from my inside – I think these are some kind of worms , parasites all dead but I think these are creatures :/ .
Check my 3 photos .These black soft things are probably parasites from liver.It has a body like medusa very softly and slippy Confused bleee Big Grin . This is so ugly. Now it takes a time to my recovery with healthy fats I think.maybe my bile will be healthier and my liver will be healthier works for my scars.Time will show me and you.

Cheers 4 Ya all

Luke Skywalker

Hi ,
I decided to do some extra attack for these awful toxins Big Grin .I am very angry last time.So my new protocol for autumn time is:

-I do 2 or 3 oil pullings per day , I read some guy who tell that oil pulling help him cure his psoriasis ,
-Use every day Aajonus green juices ,
– start again with zapper time on 30khz all days till next 9th liver flush – some 2 weeks I think ,and after this stop using this machine , perhaps I should to take some extra high meat after ,
– after some week or 10 days or maybe at the start of new month my next orange juice fast I think week or 10 days or even 14 days with H.Bieler’s powerfull soup and after all this 9th liver flush
– I decided to reject pepper from my meals and use only himalaya salt or sea salt

This is all for now.Maybe I invent something else Wink .I was realy thinking about add raw milk to my menu.

Cheers 4 Ya all

Luke Skywalker

My Reply

Wow, your pictures are priceless. And your continuous adjustments should do wonders for you.

Try posting your worm pictures at Curezone forums at Humaworm or Barefoot or the Parasite Lady and ask them to identify it.

How many liver flushes has it been? Hopefully you will reach the point where all stones are gone.

Nice to see you GS Smile .What about your oldest son ? I was reading last entries on your www and have seen he’s got some scars after tuberculosis protocol – now it is time for orange juice fast for him ? Correct me if I am wrong think Wink

I know there were few stones from my last 8th liver flush and I am happy but I’ ve got something like some people say – remission Sad .I have my left arm again in ichty scars and my neck is very dry in these places where the scars been.I have also dandruff again and hair loss probably by this + close to the autumn time maybe.

I was reading yesterday about blood types diet. I am 0 blood type .I find that I must avoid honeydew, strawberries , avocado Sad ,dairy products , coconut and coconut-containing products Sad <— even in oil pulling ? ,White and black pepper ,blackberries.These are only few products to avoid according to this diet theory , but this food I ate last time.Vinegar is dangerous for me too but I think all the time about my dandruff and apple cider vinegar – this will be good for cure my hair I think , maybe with clove oil or tee tree oil ? I think all the time about yolks.I not eat them from few days so we’ll see .

Maybe I will try carrot/beet/celery juice like in this treatment :…ermanently

Maybe I eat too much animal protein.This causes histamine excess in body, but I was reading fresh meat doesn’t contain high levels of histamine like fresh fishes too.

Maybe I must try more vegetable juices? I don’t know by now. But I don’t want to see my scar in my neck Confused

Cheers Ya all

Luke Skywalker


Some days ago I did 3 days on watermelon only for my kidney cleanse , after few sessions with zapper.Last two weeks I ate a lot of apples and 2 days ago I start drink only apple juice and go for my next 9th liver flush.Today I did two coffe enemas after LF and ….
… there were no stones after all these enemas Undecided
But I saw something like earlier but this was bigger.I was thinking this is probably worms but when I touch this , it vanish itself for a fluid Undecided
It was something like old thing.Maybe parasite, maybe toxins from parasite , or old cruor Huh , or something else.But I haven’t stones this time , even smallest like rice Rolleyes.Maybe this is a good sign or my body was clean from something else then stones , parasite or parasite toxins ? I have no photo becuse there were no stones but this thing was like earlier black ones but little more.
So my protocol for now is rest, do oil pulling , eat my meat and fat and egg yolks start with blue ice fermented cod liver oil 1 teaspoon per day , maybe some Aajonus juices and after few days or 1 week start second ; I think the last one , VCO detox – 3 or 4 days vco 3 times with 2 one whole week interludes. After this my next 10th liver flush and next 3rd 1 week orange juice fast.
My skin is still ichty and I have many scars on my left arm and a little area on my foreward neck Sad , but we’ll see what will be after this week on fatty animal meals .
I prepare my high meat all time and I think I will eat them for 3 weeks for my gut bacteria .
That’s all folkes Wink by now , keep your fingers crossed for my improve skin photos soon Wink Smile I can not wait for this time .

Cheers 4 Ya all

Luke Skywalker

Gosh ….. I feel like a superman today Wink Like I drink hundred red bulls .
I am very euforic even on 1 teaspoon cod liver oil and 15 egg yolks Wink—->
they taste very good for me Wink

I want to feel like that all my life Smile

See Ya soon

Luke Skywalker

I have a 4 days VCO detox.Today is the last day.VCO is very hard to do in last days.First 2 days was fine but last 2 I have any life power Confused .
Next whole 7 days I will eating my meat and fat on the evening and maybe some carrot with celery or orange juices.But most important for now is good source of proteins and animal fat maybe few egg yolks and 0,5 or 1 teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil.So next second period with VCO (Confused) will be soon after some 1 week.
Next step for me will be liver flush my 10th and after this long orange juice fast some 10 to 14 days.I want to do 2 weeks for my leaky gut.
I do some high meat all the time , for my gut after all these fights with zapper.After all VCO protocol I’ll put these bacteria again to my body Wink.I don’t know if this is normal but I very like to swallow high meat Rolleyes.

This is like delicacy for me Tongue.

Ok , this is it for now.I must read another pages on CureZone – most important www for me last time.


Luke Skywalker



Last weekend I do my 10th liver flush . When I wqas doing my 8th there were some little stones and on 9th liver flush only something black and any stones.This time I see much much more green stones and this LF was very powerfull.

I am on my 3rd orange juice fast now.Today is my 3rd day.I feel my body is very cold and I don’t know I will be on this fast all 14 days Undecided.This will be hard to do becuse in my country is some few Celsius degrees.Brrrrrr…..
Maybe I will try once again H. Bieler’s soup.

Catch my stones photo:

To be continued …..

Cheers 4 ya

Luke Skywalker

A forum member replied named iron3000..

Hi luke,

have you tried going on a fruitarian diet.I have come across of 2 cases on the net where the diet worked.But after they went back to their normal diet, the psoriasis returned.

About liver flusing, I have prob done abt 5 flushes to date(I have eczema).One day I mixed lemon juice and coconut oil/olive(I forget) , the byproduct was white with the consistency of the green ‘stones’ I had passed.

You mentioned cod liver oil, from my research I recall that it has a very low amount of omega epa/dha .it is high in vit A which is harmful if you consume too much.I used to take flax seed oil for abt 6 mths.It didnt help at all, I switched to fish oil tablets(180 epa 120 dha is the one you want), it seems to have calmed my eczema down.I take 6 tablets a day.
I’m trying to go on an all fruit diet but I keep failingSad



Well , I’m after only six days orange juic fast.I couldn’t take much more time on this fast.So I eat my raw paleo with some high meats everyday.I must write my skin is in very very good shape.It’s not ichty like earlier it’s dry by only a little and no more bloody scars on my arms.

I am very happy , I’ll be do next my 11 liver flush about 2 weeks when moon will close to fullness.It is very very best time to do every detox protocols.You can read about this in Gienadij Małachow’s books.

So high meats high meats and one more time high meats I must improve my digestion to perfecto Big Grin.
Like Aajonus said no salt in your meals.Salt is very bad with meals.I do my meals without it and it works , I feel better my scars are better.

Hi iron3000 I don’t want to try month on fruitarian Wink I couldn’t handle this even one week Wink .I was thinking about this dr Mercola’s Krill oil :…p_769.html

Maybe this will be better i don’t know I will try.

So I hope everythings will be ok close to the end of this month when I’ll do my 11 liver flush.And update with new photos.
I must work very much this month maybe it will be end of my battle Smile

Cheers 4 Ya all

Luke Skywalker