Inspiring Talk from the Eczema Cured: “Haai” from Raw Paleo Diet Forum

Hanging out with the raw paleo diet practitioners in the forum can bring exciting insights, words of wisdom from the people who are eczema cured and remain cured. Learn what you can learn about how to cure eczema... and just … [Continue reading]

Just Moved Eczema Cure to a Brand New Immensely Faster Hosting Setup

I have noticed that has been very slow in the past. This website had been moved around to 3 shared servers so far. I've had it with the shared servers and have now decided to take advantage of a dedicated server environment where I … [Continue reading]

9 Yr Old Boy M Agrees to Raw Paleo Diet Weekdays during Christmas Break

My 9 year old boy has been taking Barefoot Herbalist's LBB capsules, 2 capsules a day for some 2 weeks now and his daily poops are much improved - faster, easier. Alas he is still on cooked paleo diet plus organic white rice and his legs are lately … [Continue reading]