Child Eczema Cure: Intestine Crisis II Status on Eve of March 05, 2013

Yesterday March 04 we gave a successful 3rd oil enema, this time a virgin coconut oil enema. This resulted in again lubricating his intestines and drastically removing the pain in his tummy. He felt so much better and hungry on the evening of the … [Continue reading]

Child Eczema Cure: Rice Was a Mistake, Tummy Pain Again

Seems my 11 year old boy's eagerness to return to eating rice, first with white rice, then the best organic white rice, then to heirloom rice is a failure. Yes, his eczema had abated to almost nothingness with heirloom rice. But it seems the fiber … [Continue reading]

Child Eczema Cure: The Case Against Rice Addiction and their Last Stand with Heirloom Rice

At the beginning of 2013, my 2 boys, aged 11 and 9 both still have eczema. Itches in their arms, itches in their legs. My 11 year old's history is a case of intestinal injuries probably due to the wrong food for him, bad childhood development, … [Continue reading]