Misunderstanding number 1 – “do not scratch your skin”

I would like to expound in my own words what the good Dr. Tsai has mentioned in his book on why it is a good idea to scratch your skin to get rid of toxins.

In general, doctors will tell you not to scratch your skin when you suffer from an itching sensation. This is wrong because itching is the result of your bodily processes ridding allergens (foreign bodies) from the body through the skin. There is only one way to scatter the foreign matter out from the body: to scratch. Therefore, scratching is a necessary and sufficient action for eliminating allergens out of the body.

In the first few days of my eczema big outbreak in 2005 I was observant enough to have understood this principle. My eczema since 2003 when it was small and tiny was such a joy, such a pleasure to scratch. Then of course in 2005 it turned monstrous. What this meant was that whatever detoxification relief or benefit I got from scratching that one small spot on my lower right leg was not enough to detoxify my blood of poisons or toxins.

Before I met Manang Lorna the Herbalist, I met another healer also in the same town of Morong, Bataan. He had suggested I get leaves of the graviola tree and stick them onto the unhealing wounds on my face and my leg. That did nothing, some fluid wanted to push out of my skin.

I tried aloe vera which is a known skin healer, yes it did seem to work sealing the skin, but my body was determined to push out the toxins, the poisons in my blood through my skin that the skin was broken again and the yellowish ooze flowed through.

I finally GOT IT. I had observed that this was what my body wanted. Itching was a sensation the body uses to detoxify itself. Do not deny yourself the joy, the relief of itching. Because itching is a good thing. Nature, your body has built in detox methods and itching is one of them. You just have to scratch those itches.

The trick is how you scratch your itch. The trick is to scratch without doing too much damage to your skin. This will have to vary from person to person.

In my case I found dipping my wound in clean water and scratching and letting the toxins flow out in the water. There were times when it was smaller that I just used handkerchiefs to press on it and absorb the toxins. I understood that as long as the toxins are removed, there was itch relief.

Dr. Tsai has suggested suction therapy, sounds good. My old herbalist Manang Lorna used to give me ventosa therapy. She would use a glass for drinking water, some paper, and a lighter. She would stand the crumpled paper on my skin, cover it with the glass, the flame in the paper consumes the oxygen in the glass and creates a vacuum that pulls toxins the skin.

What is your itch relief technique? Share it here.

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