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This website is about how to CURE ECZEMA and how to CURE PSORIASIS. With Finality — never to return. Only the TRUTH can cure Eczema and Psoriasis. Only by learning the true causes and addressing those causes will your eczema or psoriasis be cured.

Only people who suffered and got cured of their eczemas / psoriasis or have cured other people’s eczemas / psoriasis have the AUTHORITY to define and describe what eczema / psoriasis is.

This is an altruistic site written to help those in need. I will not be selling you anything. All the information on this site is free.

If you or a loved one is suffering from eczema or psoriasis:

– Bookmark this site NOW.

– Write the website address down in a piece of paper: www.eczemacure.info
– Read the site, word for word, in the order from left to right.


Why did I make this site?

I was able to cure myself of a terrible eczema that ravaged my lower right leg, my left arm, my face and ears in 2005. I now offer my research and experience for you to be able to cure yourself, when all of your previous efforts may have failed. I made this site as a token of gratitude, an expression of love, and caring action to reach out to all eczema sufferers out there wherever you may be.

In the course of my search for my personal cure, I saw many other people suffer from many so called “incurable” skin diseases broadly defined as eczema by equally ignorant doctors. I have seen snake oil drug companies advertise “Although there is no eczema cure, there are effective treatments that can reduce symptoms…” What a pack of lies. They themselves say “there is no cure for eczema…” yet they have the gall to SELL $$$ their creams, ointments, pills to merely relieve symptoms. Many of which are in fact HARMFUL to eczema sufferers.

These same people who say “there is no cure for eczema” are the same money driven brainwashers dominating discussions in the mass media and the common medical establishment. It is a money game. All in the name of profits. They do not care about the eczema sufferers. Their goal in life is to profit as it is a corporation’s duty to earn profits for its shareholders. This would be good if they were delivering cures. But they do not.

My Promise:

* You will be cured of your eczema / psoriasis / dermatitis.
* The cure will take a lot of hard work.
* The cure will take a lot of reading.
* You will have to undergo a change in thinking, a paradigm shift.
* You will have to make many uncomfortable changes in your life.
* You may have to fight for your right to be cured as the people you live with may not be supportive and may usually bad mouth / attempt to discourage you in the course of your cure protocol.
* The cure may take many months; or just 1 to 3 weeks if the diagnosed eczema is a simple infection such as impetigo.
* The ultimate responsibility for this journey will be you. You cannot depend on other people to cure you.


The opinions in this site are mine and what I think works, is truthful, and in my experience effective. You will deserve all the credit for healing / curing yourself. I am merely here to guide you; to open your mind to a world of possibilities in your search for truth in health education.

I do not believe that the popular incurable diseases are incurable. Believing in incurables is unscientific. Believing in incurables is more like a fanatic religion. What is worse is believing in incurable diseases is a self fulfilling superstition.


All accounts here are in my opinion truthful as they have applied to my personal health and well being. You are advised to read and learn from my scientific methods of analysis and decide which is best for you. Under no circumstances will I be responsible for your health.

I am not your doctor. This website is meant for you to be able to open your mind enough to search for the truth about what really ails you and from there find your own cure.