Desperately searching for my eczema cure

Note to all: This is my old personal story trying to discover how eczemas work. Now that I know better, I suggest you follow the CURE PROTOCOL section of this website.

It was a fruitless search from the time I had the eczema patch in 2003 to July 2005. I went to at least 5 western medical doctors to help in the mere diagnosis of my condition. All they could tell me was eczema, eczema, eczema. All they gave me were steroids, steroids, steroids. All 5 western medical doctors had just 1 opinion. Useless. My eczema raged on.

Was this a resurgence of the sand fly protozoa problem I had in 1994?

Was this a local bacterial or viral infection?

Was this contageous?

Will this consume my whole body? Were my amalgams leaking toxic mercury? Yes they were. I had them replaced. See my dental page.

I started posting questions on message boards.

Noteable was where I made a promise that I would find my eczema cure. That I did not believe eczema was incurable. That I would record everything and teach everyone what I did… if I got well.

I tried Chlorella capsules.
I tried Fish Oil.
I tried Flaxseed Oil.
I tried Evening Primrose Oil.
I tried Lifestyles Intra.
I tried lots of Vitamin C.
I tried Vitamin B complex.
I tried Ka Rey Herrera’s Herbal – Good colon cleanse for me I tried many types of creams.
I bought pots of aloe vera plant – good for rapid healing of the wounds, but they eventually re-opened with the pressure of yellow eczematic ooze.
I even tried amoxicillin powder on my eczema.
I stopped drinking filtered tap water and bought water from the store.

The whole search for the cure consumed every bit of my consciousness. I had the obsession to get well. I am a scientific, anything that truly works guy. If western medicine did not know the cure to my condition then I will look elsewhere.

My shoulder pain was also bothering me. I went to the Chiropractor a few times with very little improvement. This is related to my condition, as you will see in the later chapters.

By July 2005 I had given up on conventional western medicine. I was searching all around the internet and in the nearby provinces for herbalists and traditional healers.

I had the idea that maybe sea water would do me good. I drove almost 150 kilometers to the farthest point in Subic Bay, then to the nearby town of Morong, Bataan. I swam for two days. No rinsing. I thought this would do me good. Nope. Made it worse.

Then the resort owner wanted me to see her herbalist. Her assistant took me to see the herbalist, but she was out of the house. Then he told me that he thinks that herbalist was a witch. So instead he took me to the rival herbalist.

My first herbalist was unsuccessful

He burned some paper, said his prayers, then told me to get a couple of leaves of the graviola (guyabano) plant, pound some of it, dip it in freshly cooked coconut oil as a medium and plaster these on my eczema.

Here is a picture of me with these graviola (guyabano) leaves.

My face with graviola leaves 23 July 2005

My leg with graviola leaves 23 July 2005

Results? It made things worse!


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