My Battle with infertility – Improved health

Note to all: This is my old personal story trying to discover how eczemas work. Now that I know better, I suggest you follow the CURE PROTOCOL section of this website.

Yes, you can do it. Begin with the end in mind. The power of positive thinking. It will be hard methodical work. Most men would usually savor the amount of sex involved. Until you hit the brick wall called infertility. And then you get tired of seeing your wife who is still sexy. She gets tired of looking sexy herself!

Yes of course I actually got tired of seeing my wife still sexy. If you are in disbelief at this statement, you haven’t suffered enough infertility YET.

Come on, cheer up! Smile! Stop sulking with the infertility blues.

You may have noticed that our first born is still quite young in the photo. It is because were so so so excited to make the next one while this first one was just 7 months old. And at after 4 months of trying, we were already beating down the door of our OB-GYN asking for help!

How did we do it? Frantic wife cries IUI, IVF. Hmm… expensive, beyond our means. OB-GYN, observes ovulations skipped, gives Chlomid take it to a max of 6 months, fix the water, fixed diet, hire a full time cook, no drugs, no creams, no oil massages, scheduled sex, discovered wife subconsciously taking Sinutab each month, looked for a “hilot” (midwife with expertise in manually fixing uterus position), my wife prayed and prayed.

The hilot visited us for 3 wednesdays on December. She told us on the 2nd wednesday that my wife would still bleed this December, but that she would surely be pregnant by January.

January 18, we were so excited and took a test kit. Negative. Pffft… so much for hilot. Wife said she’ll just begin a work out program. I had to go back and get a new sperm analysis.

Sperm analysis comes out 300 million per ml. Whoa! I should be able to get any girl pregnant at this count.

Wife calls on my cell phone on January 25 and declares… I’m pregnant!

The hilot was absolutely correct.

This whole text was taken from my other web site called Fertility Help Network


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