My eczema flares up

Note to all: This is my old personal story trying to discover how eczemas work. Now that I know better, I suggest you follow the CURE PROTOCOL section of this website.

I first noticed in 2003 a very small and pleasantly itchy patch at the bottom of my right leg. Can you imagine? I did not mind at that time because I found scratching it quite pleasurable. This eczema patch slowly but surely grew. My wife and my parents started noticing.

My eczema on right leg 05 July 2005

The first quarter of 2005 was a time of absolute turmoil and stress due to financial and family reasons.
I think this triggered the final flare-up of my eczema.

At first the eczema was just on my lower leg that grew rapidly.

I had shoulder pain – frozen shoulder?

The eczema spread to my left arm.

Then to my ears. Then to my face.

I was oozing yellowish eczema fluid all around.

It got so bad I could not wear socks or shoes. I had to wear long sleeved shirts to cover my arms.

Eventually, I could not bear to go to work or show myself to my customers and my employees.

The worst part was I was enslaved by itching and oozing and I could not do anything else the whole day.

Eczema on my face and ears 08 Aug 05

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