My First Stage Cure – Emergency Detox, Clear Secondary Infections

Note to all: This is my old personal story trying to discover how eczemas work. Now that I know better, I suggest you follow the CURE PROTOCOL section of this website.

In my previous page, I mentioned how the first herbalist’s graviola leaves on my face and my leg only made things worse?

I remember before I left Morong Bataan, I finally was able to speak with the other herbalist, Doctor Lorna. She told me to go back to her if the graviola leaves concoction did not work.

Doctor Lorna told me, that her diagnosis is that I had dirty blood. “We need to clean your blood. Come back to me next week if you are not well.”

I did go drive back 150 kilometers to Morong Bataan. Here was the only doctor with the most sensible diagnosis, and she does look like a witch. She says she comes from Zamboanga City, all the way down south. Her mother was a healer. She followed her footsteps.

The Great and Eccentric Doctor Lorna

Doctor Lorna is some 45 years old, she says she has 5 children. She is the first wife of a soldier who has 3 wives. She is a muslim. She talks non-stop. Is a purist when it comes to her herbal medicine. Only freshly picked ingredients will do. No processed, bagged or dried material for her.

We would hunt the mountains and forage the highways for the leaves and plants she needed. We had an easy time searching for ingredients in Morong Bataan, she knew this place well. The people know what she needed. There were no western medical doctors here. Only herbalists like her.

I initially booked myself in the resort in bataan for 1 week. But a few days later, Doctor Lorna analyzed that this was going to take much longer. She estimated at least 1 month of her care was needed. So we made the decision to go back to Manila.

Seeing the mess we were initially making in my home and no place for her to sleep in with all the antipathy of others in my home toward unfamiliar medicines, we decided to pack up and head for my uncle’s house where my brother was staying. It was an empty big house. Perfect for our needs.

Healing begins.

The basic ingredient in my healing was the detox through my kidneys using avocado leaves. At least 7 avocado leaves in a pot. Allow to boil for 5 minutes. Take at least 5 liters per day, mostly taken at night. Pee all night long interrupting my sleep.

The other companions to this healing process were a combination of herbs and leaves. Anything and everything doctor lorna could get her hands on in Manila. It was much harder hunting for ingredients in the city. We would drive around the city and subdivisions, the markets and the herbal stalls. Many times we drove south of the city mountains to get some “green”, said to be sap of a special tree in the mountains.

My arms, legs and face were wrapped with all these different combinations of herbs fresh everyday. Doctor Lorna lived with me at this time. She supervised what I ate. She washed the clothes I wore, made sure they were thoroughly free of detergent. She told me to bathe without soap, just water, as soap itself added to the toxic load on my body.

Healing begins, breakthrough with my left arm, thanks to python bile

My right leg eczema was beginning to heal. Good. Some improvement. But not totally healed.

The big deal came was when we brought in the the python gall bladder with its bile. I have twice ingested the bile. But this last time, we put it in coconut oil as a medium for using it on my eczema. When I did use the python bile on my left arm, something magical started to happen. Right before my very eyes, I could see and feel my left arm healing… fast… really fast. I never did get to sleep that night. I just watched in amazement the whole maybe 6 or 7 hours as the python bile worked its magic and almost completely healed my left arm!

Note to the python animal rights activist: I just bought my python bile from the local restaurant where they serve python meat. I live in the Philippines.

Healing breakthrough, secondary infections cleared

The application of the various different herbs everyday cleared all my secondary infections on my skin due to the open wounds made by the eczema flow. I had experienced fresh broad spectrum natural medication from Doctor Lorna.

This healing stage comes to an end

After 1 month, my right leg eczema has subsided to a noticeable level. But a few days before Doctor Lorna was to go, it started to get worse again. Doctor Lorna was distraught. Why were the symptoms coming back?

It was okay I told her. This stage of my cure is finished. It was time to progress to the next stage.

My leg after doctor Lorna’s detox on 24 August 2005



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