My Skin History

Note to all: This is my old personal story trying to discover how eczemas work. Now that I know better, I suggest you follow the CURE PROTOCOL section of this website.

I have always had “sensitive” skin. Tiny bumps on me left and right arms would occassionally appear. The dermatologist would call this folliculitis.

Everytime I took a bath or go out for a swim, I would generate red splotches all over my body. It is a reaction to water my father gets as well so I take that for granted.

I had cystic pimples in my teenage years. I got a lot of steroid injections. Finally roaccutane. I still get cystic pimples from time to time. I suffered a 2 year ordeal with sand fly bites while in the beaches of Boracay island.

I was pumped full of streroid injections, creams and pills. With the onset of my eczema crisis of 2005, the skin on my face was damaged, including my pores. Only when I had healed did my pores start to function again with whiteheads and sebum.

I can see my face smoothening better than ever. Finally, the remnants of all those injections and cystic pimples are healing like never before.

With my eczema cured, today, I have zero folliculitis in my arms.

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