My weight Loss Program

Note to all: This is my old personal story trying to discover how eczemas work. Now that I know better, I suggest you follow the CURE PROTOCOL section of this website.

It was not because I felt overweight, or I thought I was sick, I only became determined to lose weight because I wanted to have more children.

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After the birth of my second child, it seemed my wife had had enough. I thought to myself; if I lost weight and slimmed down to become handsome again, she would gladly bear me more children.

I thought about this real hard, scientifically well researched. I needed to lose weight permanently.

I sought books from my friends. I was inspired by my friend who was always fat but was now a buffed up slim and muscular handsome dude. He lent me his book.

The idea that stuck to my mind was the 80-20 principle. That in the science of losing weight, 80% of the effort relied on good food. This is what the book recommended. This is what I should attack first.

The first 5 months of my weight loss program relied on this high protein and low carbohydrate diet. I was losing 2 pounds per month. Until I had the funny feeling that I may need medical supervision. So I sought the expertise of a registered nutritionist.

I am glad the nutritionist helped me. She initially asked me to get a battery of blood analysis tests. My cholesterol indicators went through the roof! High counts on all the bad stuff, above the maximum in the charts. She was initially scared and referred me to a heart doctor to ask if I needed medication.

As the months passed by, the nutritionist’s ingenous program had me recording everything I ate, she would analyse and critisize. She even educated our cook. She had mock ups of regular dishes and serving sizes. She taught me how and what to eat, instinctively. I calculated mentally how much of what I ate everyday. The balance I needed was always in mind. I learned new habits. Today, it is automatic.

I went down from a high of 168 pounds to today’s 135 pounds in a span of a little more than 2 years. I have been maintaining 135 pounds for 2 years now. And I have not even started a gym program yet! My weight loss program has paid off.

My wife loved the new me and gave birth to our 3rd child! Maybe after my gym sessions we will have our 4th?

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