Understanding my human body – What my Eczema really was

Note to all: This is my old personal story trying to discover how eczemas work. Now that I know better, I suggest you follow the CURE PROTOCOL section of this website.

If you search the internet for eczema and all the different cure stories, you will notice that they are varied. Eczema is not a disease. Eczema is just a symptom of a disease. In fact, it may be your body’s way of trying to cure yourself.

In my case, the most correct analysis of my condition was given by the herbal doctor Lorna, “You have dirty blood.”

My problem was a case of my cleaning systems malfunctioning or plugged up, and my taking in more dirt or toxins. Try cleaning your bathroom with the best cleansers, chemical or biological agents; then imagine your drain plugged up with body hair and dirt. Your bathroom water eventually overflows out the door into your room.

This was what my body was doing. Even though I had colon cleanse and kidney cleanse before, my liver was unable to cope with the job of cleaning my blood because my gallbladder was plugged up with stones.

Dirt and toxins were constantly being added to my system due to the mercury in my amalgams, and eating a lifetime of the wrong foods for my blood type, and all the junk and fastfoods any regular city boy consumes. Vaccines and various medications of the past may have built up in my system.

I think my weight loss was a factor when on the first few months I was on high protein and low carb diet, my cholesterol levels were raised to extremely high levels. This may have helped the bile coagulate into stones. I think many toxins were released by my fats when they dissolved when I lost 30+ pounds. The eczema episode started after my weight loss.

Of course there is the genetic angle that maybe I was born with a weak liver or prone to gall bladder stones.

The trigger of my eventual eczema flare up can be traced to our disastrous family tragedy of February 2005 which led to extreme stress and maximum emotional pain.

Below is a series of photos showing the progress of my lower right leg eczema.

My eczema on right leg 05 July 2005

My leg after doctor Lorna’s detox on 24 August 2005

The state of my eczema on my leg on 29 Nov 2005

My right leg 13 April 2006

The bulk of the cure. The emergency detox done by my herbalist put my kidneys in overdrive to clean up my blood. But this was not enough, my liver needed fixing. The liver flush protocol suggested by my anthroposophic doctor addressed the cleaning of my liver, clearing out around 150 stones in 4 flushes, allowing my liver to function again and hopefully heal. My pancreas was affected in the process of having gall bladder stones, and it too needs supplementing and rejuvenating. Plus I needed to adjust my diet to that which was beneficial to my blood type B.

Why was my eczema itchy? It was my body’s way of making sure the eczematic fluid flowed out. That the dirt was eliminated. Of course there were secondary infections. But these secondary infections were easily dealt with by immersing my leg with eczema in very hot water. The eczema fluid was allowed to flow, and the secondary infections were killed.

What was my eczema? The yellowish ooze were the dirt, the toxins in my body. My body chose my skin as a last resort. Think of a pressure cooker. You have a release valve at the top to regulate the pressure. My skin became the release valve. Much like a plugged up bathroom spills its water out the door. My eczema on my skin is a window to my blood toxicity. The time I get zero eczematic bubbles, or never itches on the leg is the day i am 100% cured.

Today I feel I am at 98% cured. My face is cured. My left arm has been cured. Only my right leg has 2 tiny scabs remaining. The next entries in this web site will be about what I am currently doing to address the last 2%. Read on.


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