My left shoulder pain and Pancreatin

Note to all: This is my old personal story trying to discover how eczemas work. Now that I know better, I suggest you follow the CURE PROTOCOL section of this website.

Remember a few pages back I mentioned about my left shoulder in pain? It is something like a frozen shoulder. I cannot rotate my left shoulder in several angles. It is hard to sleep or do certain chores with this constant annoyance.

My first method in trying to remove this left shoulder pain was with our home masseur. She visited us at least once a week for regular full body massage. This time her main task was to clear me of my shoulder pain. She would feel little bumps at my back, this was called “lamig” in our language, in english they are cold sores or air pockets. A form of liniment is used and with expert massage, they should go away. The cold sore is severe, we used leaves from the “tuba” tree, put virgin coconut oil on it and stuck it at the shoulder to suck out the cold sore. Yes, we did get rid of the cold sores, but there was still the pain. Something else inside.

Maybe the chiropractor can fix it. I went to the nearest chiropractor, Doctor Brush and we did some 4 sessions, once per week. The shoulder pain subsided, but not entirely.

I consulted google in search of shoulder pain and I saw articles saying that enzymes are needed to heal some body pains and aches. These were no ordinary digestive enzymes. What I needed were systemic enzymes to be specific. A brand available in the our local alternative health store was Wobenzym — which was expensive, and a cheaper more generic alternative from Solgar, Pancreatin.

I did start taking Pancreatin supplements around February 2006, 3 tablets per day. After two months, my left shoulder is “unfrozen”, I feel it is 95% healed. Maybe I need more time. Maybe exercise? My left shoulder is strong enough now to use at the gym.

My pancreatin supplement taking has a story all its own related to my eczema. Read on.


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