The Change in Lifestyle is the Cure

How can I claim a cure can become permanent? Easy. You do the treatments necessary for cleansing, nutrition and identify and eliminate sources of pollution. Your body will heal and you will be declared cured. To stay cured, you remain with the new beneficial lifestyle… for the rest of your life.
But some will rebel and say:

Noooo…. I don’t want to give up smoking!
Noooo…. I need to spray insecticide in my house!
Noooo…. I’m too poor to move house even if my house is hopelessly polluted.
Noooo…. I can’t give up anti-perspirant, perfumes, make ups and my boob jobs!
Noooo…. I can’t give up my birth control pills, IUD, depo provera shots.
Noooo…. I love my wine and cheese!
Noooo…. I love my milk, hamburgers, pizza and fried chicken!
Noooo…. I’ve invested so much in drugs and I have a full medicine cabinet!
Noooo…. I love restaurant hopping, eating out and tasting everything.
Noooo…. I love candies, chocolates, softdrinks, cookies, peanut butter, white bread.
Noooo…. I hate veggies!
Noooo…. I don’t like drinking plain old water.
Noooo…. I love my coffee, creamer and sugar everyday, I need it to jumpstart my mornings.
Noooo…. I don’t like exercising, getting sunlight and getting fresh air.
Noooo…. I want to watch all the TV shows until the TV stations sign out in the early morning.
Noooo…. I love eating my meat with rice or meat with potatoes or meat with bread, everyday, 3 times a day, 365 days a year.
Noooo…. I abhor pooping everyday!

Etc. Etc. Ad infinitum

And so the poisoned mind rebels, loving its old poisons. Used to the poisonous lifestyle. They want to be TREATED, they want to be CURED all the while retaining and maintaining the same detrimental lifestyle that has diseased them in the first place! How INSANE!

They failed treatment with their $$$$ medicines $$$$ and declare there is no cure for their disease! How INSANE!

Fortunately, some of you are still conscious enough to rationalize that IF a paradigm of treatment FAILS to cure you, there are OTHER PARADIGMS that WILL DELIVER the CURE.

Sure, you may not like the REAL CURE PARADIGMS now, but they WORK! Almost 100% of the time. But you have to be honest with yourself. This is the realm of SELF-CURING. You cheat, you don’t do what you know you need to do, you have nobody else to blame but yourself.

You have the power to CHOOSE. Choose your OLD FAILED PARADIGM and DIE with your OLD DOGMA; or choose the REAL CURE PARADIGM of natural health, be CURED, BE ONE OF US, and start healing others as well.