I do not use soap nor shampoo when I bathe

Let me repeat the title of this post, “I do not use soap nor shampoo when I bathe.”  You wouldn’t know that if I did not just tell it to you.  I look good, fresh and clean.  I only use some soap at the crack of my butt hole.  And my soap is organic, virgin coconut oil soap, no SLS, no alcohol.

My 5 year old who has a tendency to dry his skin when soaped also does not use soap nor shampoo and he appreciates it.  His dryness has abated.  He does not scratch anymore.  I had to ramp up my anger level at those who oppose my orders… the nannies… and yes, I will fire them if they dare soap my son against my wishes.  At 5 years old my son can easily be dealt with.  I tell him the facts straight.  You want to stop scratching?  Stop soaping.  And he can feel the immediate difference

The only time I use shampoo is when I have my hair cut.

So what is the logic to not using soap and shampoo?  Did Adam and Eve use shampoo?  Did you ever think that the use of soap and shampoo is a television dictated marketing ploy meant to enthrall viewers to be hypnotized to “need” to use soap and shampoo every single day lest they think they are dirty?

Soap and shampoo are pollutants.  They have harsh chemicals.  Chemical names you can’t even pronounce nor remember.  If you are very sick of any diagnosed diseases, the first thing you need to do is to stop polluting yourself… soap and shampoo are pollutants.

The Agta tribe of Bataan province attest to the fact that they do not use soap and shampoo.  The reason is when they do use soap and shampoo they get sick.  My herbalist Manang Lorna instructed me when I was very sick to bathe without any soap and shampoo.  At first I was stunned and thought she was crazy… Now I know it is the daily soap and shampoo users that are crazy… hypnotized and mostly ignorant.  The Agtas say they can smell low landers from very far away because of their use of soap and shampoo, attesting to the fact that a lot of residue is left on the skin, continuously poisoning us low landers.

The lesson in this blog post is to stop polluting yourself from every possible source.  Civilized living is a curse that pollutes us day and night in the effort to sell us junk products in this money driven materialistic society.  Soap and shampoo is a major, major, major pollutant.  You pollute yourself with it every single day.

Be a smart shopper.  Buy only safe organic soap and shampoo with ingredients you can pronounce.  Use them sparingly.


  1. I distinctly recall my pediatrician saying, “Do not use soap, oil, powder, cream or lotion on this baby and she won’t develop allergies. Bathe her in plain warm water about twice a week and she’ll have healthy skin.” It worked.

  2. Day two I have not used soap and I am fresh and clean my husband seconds. I just read Dr Ben Kim article “why you should not use soap on your private parts” should not use soap on your anus either. We havent
    used shampoo in two years. Thanks for the write up

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