Atsuete replaces tomato sauce in cooking

One lucky day, a few weeks ago as my mother in law was clearing the garden, she saw that our neighbor’s atsuete tree had grown over to our side and had lots of ripe atsuete fruit. Suddenly we had lots of organic atsuete in our hands. What to do with all the atsuete it?

There are popular dishes that require tomato sauce in the recipe. The problem is that I and two of my children are eczematic which means we are allergic and react to tomatoes. And tomatoes being a nightshade is contraindicated to children below 7 years old according to anthroposophic medicine.

My mother in law first thought of what we had available. We had some callos – beef stomach in our freezer, maybe it was time to make beef callos but instead of usually using tomato sauce, use atsuete sauce. The callos turned out wonderful, tasty, fatty… the atsuete had a tasty oil by itself aside from the red color. The callos gave the children a chance to eat organ meats… which is important to growing children.

Atsuete fruit from StuartXchange

Atsuete fruit from StuartXchange

This lunch time our maid was cooking chicken afritada ala atsuete instead of tomato sauce. My wife saw our 2nd boy eating organic chicken afritada and thought that my boy was eating tomato sauce… no, no, it fooled her too, atsuete sauce looks and tastes like tomato sauce for afritada.

If you have eczematics, psoriatics or arthritics in the house, you may do them a favor by switching from tomato sauce to atsuete sauce.

What is atsuete? Stuart Xchange has a nice page on Atsuete at

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