I’m cured, I’m Cured, I’m CURED to the highest standards and I trample on the misplaced PRIDE of the No Cure Camp

My message to the harmful no-cure brigades running rampant in western medical funded websites. I am eczema CURED to the highest degree and highest standards of the No Cure mental midgets. I say this… in your faces… your auto-immunity concept is downright FALSE / WRONG / garbage. I am completely for the rest of my life eczema cured because I follow the laws of NATURE… and if you are religious, you could say I follow the laws of GOD.

Nature is RUTHLESS and unforgiving. You cannot cheat nature. Follow the rules and you get the most out of this short life we have.


I see to it that I do not pollute myself, I try to minimize my exposure to chemicals. No daily soap or shampoo in baths, only organic soap in butt, no toothpaste, no deodorants. I purchase unpolluted food. We prepare food in the least polluting manner, raw is best.

EAT ONLY HUMAN COMPATIBLE FOOD: The Original Human Diet – The Paleolithic Diet

This means raw local organic fruit in season, minimal organic raw vegetables, lots of raw fatty organic / wild animal food.


My diet gives me everything I need. My diet is complete. Food is the better than supplements.


Means zero pollution, means I’m natural baby… the way nature intended.

And symptoms? Not one itch. Not one glitch. Health zooming up and up and up.


If you are eczema or psoriasis symptom free today, I urge you to bring your health up to new heights you never thought possible. When I was symptom free in 2006, I still did not feel in my core that I was healthy enough… I wanted to raise my standards of what was healthy, I scoured and tried many things, I tried vegetarianism, raw vegan, and raw fruitarian… all failures… I need animal foods and I function best when the animal food is RAW as well… something those vegans are blinded to. And since I’m as human as you are, it’s worth a shot that you try it yourself.

So to all you no-cure naysayers – you are right about yourselves – you are sick and diseased forever.

But there are lots more in our camp who truly wish to be cured – with a mindset that WE CAN and WE WILL and WE WILL ALWAYS BE HEALTHY and that WE CAN ACHIEVE WHAT YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE because our mindset and our KNOWLEDGE is open and continuously growing.

If you want to be cured of your eczema and psoriasis, you mingle and get to know and learn from the WINNERS… those who made it “through the rain”, so you can become WINNERS as well. Join us the winners of all diseases at http://www.rawpaleoforum.com

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