Dr. Henry Bieler: The Endocrine Glands are the 3rd Line of Defense Against Disease

This is the 3rd in a series. The 1st line of defense is the digestive system. The 2nd line of defense is the liver. Dr. Henry Bieler talks about these 3 major glands:The Adrenal Glands, The Thyroid Gland, The Pituitary Gland. [Read more…]

Japanese Doctor Tsai says 99.99% Atopic Dermatitis Cure Without Medication

Absolutely fantastic referral! A practicing Japanese doctor named Dr. Tsai is in the business of curing all forms of atopic dermatitis including eczema, psoriasis, acne and basically all related diseases… has several linked websites full of information about his theories, pictures, methods of treatment. The problem is, there is a language divide, all his websites and books are in Japanese! [Read more…]

20 year old Young Man eats a Raw Food Diet to Cure his Psoriasis

Arnold the health activist interviews a 20 year old young man named Parsten. He used to have psoriasis. Parsten met a couple of helpful people who taught him fasting, detoxing, juicing and how to do a raw food diet. Now he knows that psoriasis is just a survival mechanism, the body expels toxins through the skin. Stay the course of a raw food diet and stay psoriasis free. Cured? Definitely. Please follow nature’s specifications, humans were meant to eat raw food. [Read more…]