Mary Anne’s Plaque Psoriasis and Scalp Psoriasis Treatment with Doo Gro and Dove

I stumbled onto a home made YouTube video of a 44 year old woman named Mary Anne who shares her Psoriasis Cure. It’s actually a treatment, but it seems to work really well for her. I can feel the honesty of this testimonial. This is probably true. More people should try this and send your feedback.

This video was posted January 29, 2009. You must watch this video, take notes. These are Mary Anne’s notes:

*update* my video may not be appearing for some of you guys but type in “&fmt=18” no quotes or spaces at the end of the url and it should appear, sorry for the inconvienance. After 44 years of suffering with severe scalp psoriasis and no results from doctors, I’ve found my own natural cure. This cure really works with immediate results.I’ve had ultraviolet radiation treatment, steroid cream treatments, tar treatments and nothing works like this $10 drug store cosmetic hair oil. (I am not affiliated in any way with PROCTER & GAMBLE or Dove soap company or Nature’s protein Inc.)

Of course this is a good treatment and will probably help lead to a cure. My analysis is that you can heal your skin both ways; from the surface going inwards and inside going outwards. If you do it both ways, combining an internal cure protocol and this external treatment protocol, you may just finish off your psoriasis fast and permanently.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so do try it.

The key words are to buy Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil and Dove Deep Moisturizing soap.

The YouTube comments are encouraging:

“im on my second week of trying this product. it really helps in relieving the symthoms. its not a cure , but the P is much more eazyer to manage. thank u , smackCook.”

“Hi just to let you know I been useing the due grow now for for 3 weeKs so far there no longer thicK scales there light pink and some patches look to be going away THANK YOU SO MUCH how long dos it take for them to compleatly go away?”

“Hello Thank You Very Much I’ve Had Psoriasis For about 3 years and i followed the Info you gave and they are Complety Gone THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

“hello my name is dakota im 14 and ive been battling with psoriasis for my whole life i have to deal with constant itching embarrasing dandruff flakes on my shoulders.I would scratch my head so hard that my scalp would bleed because it itched soo bad and i viewed your video and it has changed my life and my fathers we both have severe psoriasis. when we went and bought doo gro and the itching is gone thank you so much from the bottom of my heart GOD BLESS YOU MAM”

“its working miracles, the redness and dryness has almost VANISHED its amazing. thankyou so much !”

My opinion is if this helps you, you must think of it as temporary treatment. Heal from within at the same time. And you know you are cured when you no longer need this crutch. Personally, I shampoo my hair only with organic soap when I get a hair cut.


  1. currently using this product my first week but i am still having alot breakouts on my hands as my fingerts have extremly dry skin and cuts are there not palms but it hurts stilll using this product going on second week not using oitment prescribed hope resaults

  2. thank you mary anne – your advice has changed my life

  3. condition is worse still using your treatment guess my anxiety has gotten the best of me trying to controll this however i feel lost as i donot know how how to control my feelings inside trying to figure out what is causing all this, my family, job ? Hangin in there,
    Fyi my feet are worse and it is trying to control the rest of my body

  4. Mary Anne – again I can’t thank you enough for this information – I have Scalp Psoriasis – recently diagnosed – I do not know what I would do with out the doo gro oil – go absolutely crazy and then some – it is a horrible, horrible disease – thank you from the bottom of my heart

  5. how long take does it too take effect? having problems with hands and feet and nails



  8. I have had psoriasis for almost 3 years and nothing has helped me as much as Doo Gro. Within 3 weeks, my scalp is almost clear and have had remarkable results on the rest of my body.

  9. my mom has terrible scalp psoriasis and got it out of the blue. We saw this web on Maryann and tried the Doo Gro. It was hard to find, Target didn’t have it but I found it at CVS. So far I’ve seen improvement, so I’m hoping it continues. It’s not all that greasy and sinks into your skin.


  11. There are a lot of cure for psoriasis out there and Doo Gro has proven to be a more effective to some people. Thanks for posting this, really enjoy the ideas being discussed here and especially for putting up this site.

  12. thank you so much for your insights regarding the “doo gro” oil treatment. At first when I listened to you I felt “what do I have to loose” but I trusted your comments for some odd reason I can”t really explain. My psoriasis condition is now healing after only three days of treatment! Actually my hair – after washing – even feels healthier and shiny. Your comments have helped me—–thanks again.

  13. Ana Laura says:

    Doo gro has really worked for me. Thank you Mary Anne, I stumbled into your video 2 years ago and have been using it since. My psoriasis hasn’t completely dissapeared but keeps it under control and at times it almost vanishes. I’ve had this problem for 31 years, been to many doctors, used all types of creams and ointments and so far Doo Gro is the only one that has worked for me.


  14. I have suffered from scalp eczema for years. I can also say that Doo Gro works on my scalp. I apply Doo Gro to the scalp once a week. I apply it in the evening, and let it soak in overnight. I then wash it out the next morning. I also apply pure flaxseed oil to my scalp once a week as well. I do it in the evening, and leave it in overnight also. I recommend alternating between Doo Gro and flaxseed oil for anyone who suffers from severe scalp eczema. I guarantee that after just 2 weeks your scalp will be vastly improved. Peace and love, and good health to everyone.

  15. Good to find this. My scalp psoriasis can get pretty nasty. I also use psorasis creams on my feet when that flares up too.

  16. refaat_falcon says:

    Iam from egypt , would you mind please tell me how can i get doo gro , my brother is visiting USA, can he find it there?

  17. charlotte says:

    Hi everyone, my names charlotte I’m 26 from uk I first developed psoriasis when I was 20 I moved away from home got severe throat infection and outbroke in a rash all over my body I returned home and diagnosed myself after a visit to the local library I was shocked I had developed this terrible disease called psoriasis and went onto being reffered to the hospital where I was given exorex and after 3 months the psoriasis completely dissapeared I never ever worried about it again nor did I ever think it would return however at the age of 24 I gave birth to my son and cut myself on my leg whilst shaving in the bath and that was where it all started again I went immediately to the doctors to get exorex just for the small patch as I knew it had cleared it before however after 2 years now of it still there and more spots appearing on my legs and elbows I came to realise I’d had guttate in the past and the exorex had not cleared it, it merely dissapeared itself and when I cut myself shaving what had developed was plaque psoriasis which is a more long term more aggresive type! The only treatment I have found to work for me is dovobet its cleared a few patches on my legs the best way to describe my legs are a bit like knat bites some patches as big as a 2p some as small as a pea however the fact that there’s quite a few does affect my confidence I have found that sally hansen leg spray helps but the spots are extremely hard to cover they almost soak in the makeup!! Today my partner came across marys you tube video and I have ordered some doo gro oil off amazon for 6.75 as I’m sure like myself a lot of us psoriasis sufferers a quite sceptical to what works and what don’t and I’m quite funny as to what I try as I feel it could aggrivate it however I am goin to continue with the dovobet everywhere apart from my elbows that’s where I will use the doo gro just to test it. My elbows are clear just a few small raised pimples so if it gets rid of them I will use all over! I don’t know if anyone else has had the same issue with dovobet I find it works but when you stop using it it just comes back??? Why is that??? Well anyway good luck everybody on here who is trying and goin to try doo gro and thankyou to mary for sharing your success I hope one day there is a cure for this nasty skin disease we all deserve it!!!! 😉 charlotte

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