Eczema Cure by Not Consuming Fruit Plus Large Amounts of Sunlight

In the raw paleo forum community, a couple of members happily report that they have success with their own eczema cures by swearing off fruits and eats raw vegetables and raw meat.  Maybe it is the fructose?  Some call nature’s candy.

Then there is another member who eats only raw animal meat and water plus he gets ridiculous amounts of sunlight and his eczema is absent on such a regimen.

It may be interesting for you to read their actual words:

Angeline said:

Re: Searching for an Eczema cure.
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I have had a skin condition on my hands and on my scalp for 35 years. Severe itching, breaking out in little or big bumps with lots of inflammation that would ooze and then scab over and peel off with the whole cycle going round and round. Different doctors gave it different names and prescribed different creams. It has basically been a never ending battle. Antifungal creams seemed to help a little, so it may have been a yeast. It was just about 6 weeks ago that it all miraculously cleared up within a week. That was when I cut fruit completely out of my diet. I had already eliminated grains, beans, starchy vegetables, and milk products (other than butter), but was still eating fruit. My diet is made up of these foods: wildcaught ocean fish, truly free range fertile chicken eggs from a local farm (I see them running all around when I go to the farm), grassfed beef with the fat, grassfed organ meats a few times a week, raw bone marrow, non-starchy vegetables, a few nuts once in awhile, raw butter from grassfed cows, and a little olive oil. I now eat a sufficient protein, high fat, low carb diet. The change I made that cleared up my skin was the elimination of fruit. On a few different occasions I have tried to sneak in a few plums off my tree or a handfull of berries. I paid the price immediately. Within 30 minutes – itching, bumps, the whole thing. I don’t know if what I had was eczema, but cutting out fruit may be worth a try.


Wodgina said:

All red meat and organ diet and 2 hours of sun a day would help you a lot. This can be your baseline then work from there. I would suspect the olive oil as a trigger as well as fruits. These are nasty for eczema.

You could also investigate psychological triggers.

I’ve had eczema since birth cured it with raw paleo and ridiculous amounts of sun throughout the year.

As you can see, different strokes for different folks. Fruit in their locale does not work for them. But fruit in my locale works for me. And of course fruit can be very much varied.

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  1. This is an incredible story of a women in San Diego California who after 10 years of battling psoriasis and eczema found total relief in 5 days. A True story from a real person. Read more about her incredible story!

    I hope this is helpful to those of you suffering from psoriasis and eczema!

  2. I had eczema for many years and I wonder sometimes if we ever know the real reason why we get eczema? There is no doubt however that once you have eczema you have to be very careful about everything that comes into contact with your skin. I found that using as many chemical-free products really really helped – but it is not overnight and your system needs time to adjust to the change but it is really worth it. I never used to be able to wash dishes etc without gloves and since I have been using a special chemical-free dishwashing liquid I no longer have to use gloves. This was also in combination with changing over to chemical-free laundry liquids, general house-cleaning liquids, soaps, shampoos, etc. Hope this is of some help.

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