Cystic Acne! Grossest Video I’ve Ever Seen. I used to have these on my face!

If you have read my eczema cure story I used to have a lot of cystic acne. I endured lots of torture under dermatologists who only knew this kind of physical surgery of bursting the ripe acne, then painfully injecting my face with steroids. I suffered enough, then the doctor and my mother decided on an experimental drug then in 1986 called Ro-Accutane, today just called accutane. It stopped the pimples for a while, but my liver took a big hit. Thus I had my full blown eczema by 35 besides other side issues. Every health problem I had was resolved by the detoxes, pollution avoidance and eventually going on a raw paleo diet.

Why feature a cystic acne video here? Acne goes on the same principles as eczema and psoriasis. The same same same same cure for eczema and psoriasis is the cure for cystic acne or any acne: raw paleo diet, detox, pollution avoidance, rest, sleep, good emotions.

In the meantime enjoy the screams of “Oh my God!” in this cystic acne bursting video. This man is sick because he lives his life on the wrong assumptions of health, on the wrong paradigms of health.

And it stinks!!!

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