Warning: Farmed Fish is Just Plain Dirty

My 7 year old 2nd son had welts all over his arms and body this evening around 8:30pm. We had dinner 7pm.

Dinner for him and sibblings and my wife was a new fish I got from a new source, FARMED mudfish (dalag). Farmed fish fed feeds, growing in a tiny pen inland is not paleo diet at all. [Read more…]

Probiotics for Smooth Clear Skin? Eczema Cure?

I shout to the heavens that I am eczema cured and have been so for 5 years.  But my 7 year old boy has some slight eczema under his left ear and roughness and some itchiness on his legs.  He is on a mostly cooked paleo diet plus rice.  I for one don’t approve of that cooked diet but my wife, and the rest of the household just have to eat their cooked meat and rice.  So I’m thinking, how can I compensate for my boy’s handicap of eating cooked food everyday? Maybe probotics? [Read more…]

7 Year Old Eczematic Boy Refuses Crabs, Told to Stop Eating Bread

My 7 year old boy has some discipline in him. He knows he gets eczema symptoms from foods he is allergic to. He remembers shrimp and crabs. Last night I was having some lightly steamed crabs with oozing yummy orange tomale (alige) / crab eggs… nutritious good. I offered crabs to my 7 year old boy. He refused! Said he was allergic to crabs and wouldn’t want to risk it. Hmmm….. good boy, he has a mind of his own. [Read more…]