Warning: Farmed Fish is Just Plain Dirty

My 7 year old 2nd son had welts all over his arms and body this evening around 8:30pm. We had dinner 7pm.

Dinner for him and sibblings and my wife was a new fish I got from a new source, FARMED mudfish (dalag). Farmed fish fed feeds, growing in a tiny pen inland is not paleo diet at all.

The usual mudfish I get is WILD mudfish from Laguna lake… which my wife says is high in mercury due to the factories operating around the lake.

I saw this in this life farmed mudfish and thought, let’s try it. Cooked it for the kids pesa style.

I tasted some of it too. I noticed then and chatted with the maids that this new mudfish doesn’t taste good. It’s not fat. Not like the usual WILD mudfish I used to get.

By 8:30pm our 2nd boy was scratching and had welts all over.

I had him go under a hot shower and told him to scratch away in there.

Then I had him drink some raw honey – calamansi juice, 2 glass fulls for him to hopefully pea it out and hopefully the total 3 tablespoons of raw honey helps digest it all.

I was planning to give him castor oil to flush it out but it seems he has fallen asleep.

Moral of the story… FARMED FISH just sucks so bad.
It’s like poison.
To a person who uses eczema as a defense to clean dirty blood, the results are immediate.

This boy has had a history of immediately pushing out toxic food via his skin like:

– chicken (any way whether cooked or raw or roaming)
– dirty crabs, dirty shrimp
– and now farmed fish

But just 2 weeks ago in the province we had pristine clean river shrimp and he gorged a lot of it and he had no reactions.

He’s had WILD mudfish before and all was fine.

Of course I’m pissed with myself because I bought it, I experimented with it and so I take the blame for it.

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