Probiotics for Smooth Clear Skin? Eczema Cure?

I shout to the heavens that I am eczema cured and have been so for 5 years.  But my 7 year old boy has some slight eczema under his left ear and roughness and some itchiness on his legs.  He is on a mostly cooked paleo diet plus rice.  I for one don’t approve of that cooked diet but my wife, and the rest of the household just have to eat their cooked meat and rice.  So I’m thinking, how can I compensate for my boy’s handicap of eating cooked food everyday? Maybe probotics?

I’m coming off from a very successful probiotics treatment for myself last December.  I bombarded myself with 4 different types of probiotics and achieved a solid gut and solved a diarrhea issue.  Now I’m gaining solid weight.

Did I mention I have clear smooth skin?  For 5 years now.  Raw paleo diet works.  Raw meat, raw fruit, some raw vegetables.

Back to my son who eats cooked food.  I’m thinking a solid foundation of probiotics will smoothen his skin.  Get rid of his eczema like itching on his legs, and a small crack underneath his left ear.

Sigh, the handicap of living in a world of peer pressure, what’s a 7 year old boy to do?

So today my boy starts on Healthy Options Quattro Probiotics.  I put him on 3 capsules before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner  so that makes 9 capsules a day.  The bottle is only 50 capsules so he should finish around 5 days.  Then I will look for kefir for him.  Then OMX probiotics.  Then Yakult.  He likes Yakult.

I’m hoping these probiotics will strengthen his gut and allow him to digest better, thus be eczema free while on a cooked food diet.


  1. Melissa James says:

    I am 47 year old female who has suffered since birth with eczema. However since I have become older it is severly effecting my face, and full blown overall body. At times it is debilitating, can’t even stand clothes on my body. And have to take xanex to keep me from digging in my sleep. Have also taken steroids off and on mostly on for the past 2 years used to be my only time with relief, but now they don’t even help.
    Any suggestions would be greatful.
    Thank You

  2. I think too many soldiers for your son’s gut will be ok but not better. I mean excessive amount of probiotics will not harm him but will not give better protection. I think 2 OMX a day plus a bottle of yakult is enough. By the way, take probiotics 30 min after meal since our gut is high in PH at that time, it will ensure that these probiotics will go to his intestine alive. I suffer from diarrhea after taking antibacterial for my toothache. I’ve also been taking probiotics now to replace dead good bacteria. I’m not well yet but I hope these probiotics will help.

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