Wet Market Pictures where I buy Fresh Raw Fatty Beef

Me and a maid went to Farmers’ Market in Cubao, EDSA, Quezon City. Took a couple of pictures to show you the kind of beef we get in this wet market. This is my favorite wet market and this is where I get the best beef. This is what they say is authentic Batangas beef. Just slaughtered midnight the same day, hung at 5am, no refrigeration yet… fresh, fresh, fresh…. yum yum. How many of you had eaten freshly killed raw fatty beef? Sometime ago I just realized how fortunate I am to have this market near our place. [Read more…]

Taught Bugoy about Zinc and Clove Oil and fed him Raw Beef, raw bone marrow, beef stock

Bugoy passed by today.  We did some finishing touches on his wedding website and he dropped over our suits to be worn on his wedding.  This was my chance to teach him some new things I discovered.  My high zinc experiment, my success with clove oil for my son. [Read more…]