Taught Bugoy about Zinc and Clove Oil and fed him Raw Beef, raw bone marrow, beef stock

Bugoy passed by today.  We did some finishing touches on his wedding website and he dropped over our suits to be worn on his wedding.  This was my chance to teach him some new things I discovered.  My high zinc experiment, my success with clove oil for my son.

I got Bugoy interested in clove oil.  I told him I had immediate success with my 2nd son with it.  That the roughness of his lower legs seemed to be caused by parasites.  Clove oil is a good anti-parasite oil.  You mix it with virgin coconut oil 50/50.  Maybe Bugoy himself has some parasites underneath his thick skin and maybe the clove oil will make a difference.  He and I drove off immediately towards the indian grocery to get his own bottle, it was only 180 pesos.

Regarding zinc, I told bugoy about my recent experiments.  I’m very happy with just 2 days of clean raw oyster meals, raw clams and raw beef, I have seen little glitches, cuts, and bites and blemishes begin to heal immediately.  Zinc, a precursor mineral for many body reactions.  Maybe when we heal, we need more healing material.  Zinc is a primary healing material.  Oysters are far and wide the king of organic zinc content.  Forget those supplements… oysters rule!  I remember increasing my sperm count 300% by eating raw oysters 2 times a week.

Since he dropped me off at home and it was lunch time, I invited him over.  I gave him my lunch.  I had prime raw beef striploin.  He had to taste it himself.  I know it was good, I had it last night.  I had him taste our newly made beef stock soup.  And I had left over raw bone marrow for him to taste.  And to end his raw lunch, some raw coconut juice.

He saw me open the packaging off of my new book: How to Cure Tooth Decay.

My contribution today is at least Bugoy had a fantastic raw lunch.  Hey, he ate my food, that was supposed to be for me!  I’m sure it was a whole lot better than the cooked junk he usually gets.

Bugoy’s healing progress seems to have stopped.  I think he is short of nutrition.  Maybe he will do something about getting more oysters in his diet.  But for this week he is busy preparing for his wedding on Sunday!

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