Banned from seems to be a sister company or spin-off web site of I tested this forum by registering with the same nickname “gentleman.” After only 3 posts I immediately got banned for:

“In regards to your post in the assisted death thread. In the thread you make some remarks that have required the moderation team to move your post because it can be considered offensive. Posting offensive material ether knowingly or unknowing is against forum rules. Please re read the rules

if you cannot follow these rules you will be banned so while we value discussion we will not tolerate offensive behaviour on this forum.”

It was a 1 strike ban.

It shows how narrow minded these people are. I merely debunked the assisted suicide believer with the usual Pro-Life arguments. This is how they see as offensive.

Another post of mine was regarding the Town of Allopath. You should all see this video.

The other pointed out my personal eczema story:

Here is my personal eczema story.
My analysis of my case is of toxemia and vicarious elimination.
I hope this helps some of you.

I’m currently working on my brother’s atopic condition and sudden acne outbreak.
Also working on my son’s seeming eczema on his toes.

Censorship again. And you ask how and why people are clueless as to real cures?

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