bans me for sharing my eczema cure story!

Some people would rather suppress success stories and keep most other eczema sufferers in the dark. I used to post my log of attempts at curing my eczema in since June 2005.

Now that I was able to cure myself, and as I was sharing my story on the same thread I worked on for almost a year, Skincell moderators ban me for “advertising” and posting outlandish theories and links.

This is how censorship works. These people have a mindset that eczema is incurable, that anyone who is able to cure their eczema must be lying or has never had eczema in the first place.

I wasted many hours, many days since June 2005 using as my log so I can report my progress and listen to ther points of views. I bared my soul during those tortuous days of suffering from my own eczema. Now that I am sharing my cure story this is the thanks I get… I get booted out for sharing my cure story.

The global moderator named Gary was so angry at my thread, he yelled out in big bold red letters: “There is NO eczema cure!” That truly shows his attitude, he has lost all hope and does not want others to hear of my success story. He said I was giving others false hopes.

My PERSONAL eczema thread was removed from view because “…some of your claims are causing serious confusion among the members…” this was the what another moderator told me.

It is a good thing I decided to make this web site to document my eczema story. If I had relied solely on skincell, my whole story would have been erased!

I feel sorry for the honest posters at, they are looking for true cures, not mere emotional support.

If you know anyone who is suffering from eczema, tell them about my site:

This is me, my story, fresh from the cure.

Here is a Google cached copy of my original thread in PDF format. Click here.

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