Toxemia and Vicarious Elimination

Toxemia means blood poisoning. Way back in 1926, a famous Colorado healer, JH Tilden MD, wrote a book which was the culmination of a lifetime of clinical experience, Toxemia Explained. Dr. Tilden was radical. He didn’t believe drugs cured disease. He had one simple thesis:

“… every so-called disease is a crisis of toxemia, which means that toxin has accumulated in the blood above the toleration point. … the crisis, the so-called disease – call it cold, flu, pneumonia, headache, or typhoid fever – is a vicarious elimination. Nature is endeavoring to rid the body of toxin.”
Toxemia Explained p. 49

A disease is named for where the toxins accumulate so much that that body part starts failing.

This concept of disease, known as vicarious elimination, has never been disproven. What happens is, the normal avenues for expelling waste – liver, kidneys, colon – are overwhelmed by the amount of poisons being accumulated. As a survival instinct, various other organs of the body which were not designed for elimination of toxins become enlisted to help get rid of wastes. They try desperate measures to expel the indigestible, rotting poisons, often becoming inflamed or diseased themselves in the attempt.

One obvious example of this idea is acne. Acne is not a skin problem. It is a vicarious elimination: the blood and the colon are so backed up with poisons that are accumulating faster than they can escape that the body tries an extreme solution: expel the poisons through the body’s largest organ: the skin. An alternative escape route. As the poisons leave, they irritate the normal skin and cause rash, redness, or pustulated eruptions, like pimples or boils. This is why skin creams and lotions don’t work in such a scenario. It’s not a skin problem. It’s a problem of chronic blood poisoning by means of an indigestible diet. Third World people rarely get acne. Acne is a disease of excess, a consequence of the fast food lifestyle.

Chronic “incurable” eczema and psoriasis often fall into the same category. People suffer needlessly for years with these diseases, under the direction of their well-intentioned but clueless dermatologist who has convinced them that their only hope is to find the right medication for their “skin disease.”


I would like to add this bit of knowledge excerpted from Doctor Tim O’Shea of from his article in his web site entitled:


Though in my case, my gall bladder and liver was blocked with so much gall stones it prevented the release of bile into my system, stuck up my liver and prevented my liver from doing its primary job of cleaning my blood.

My blood became toxic, my body chose my right leg first, then my left arm, then my face and my ears for vicarious elimination of toxins… ugly eczema. But I got well. Because I found out the true cause and fixed myself.

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