Anger blinds people to learning the truth and curing themselves

I had a reply to one of my eczema cure posts that said: “I would be too concerned about Barefoot’s anger issues to take his counseling, but thanks anyway.” This meant he or she was not reading anything barefoot had to say because he or she thinks barefoot is angry.
My honest reply to that and as a message to the readers of this website is this:

Barefoot is just a good guy trying to explain the truth from his point of view.
Just like I’m a good guy trying to explain the truth from my point of view.
Many times I have experienced people think I’m angry just because I explain the truth.
They don’t even bother to read or try the things I’ve outlined for them.
It is the person reading most of the time who sees through the lens of blind anger when a good number of his paradigms are being debunked.

I just probably came across barefoot when my mind and body was already prepared for him.

Same with Andreas Moritz and Dr. Mercola.

I’ve bought Andreas Moritz a long time ago. I did not “get him” at first reading. But after reading barefoot, then going back to reading andreas again, I understood andreas a lot more.

My advice to people is to download all these books. Keep them. Print them. Do the cleanses, the nutritional advice, the adjustments in your life… then a few weeks or months later, re-read the same books.

You will notice that as you are healed, you get smarter, you are a new person, you think at a higher level and you see and understand more things and at a clearer and none angry perspective.

I have to admit that when I used to suffer a lot from eczema I had anger issues myself. It was constipation of the colon and constipation of the liver. Once those issues were addressed I felt no anger. I re read the authors, the same forum posts and saw that the “angry one” was in fact me.

I wish all of you to be healed. Take the seemingly angry authors seriously and I am telling you they are not angry. Sometimes they are frustrated why sick people take no steps to cure themselves when every little detail has been typed out for them. All they need do is read, understand and “just do it.”

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