Successful 6th Gallbladder / Liver Flush with Grapefruit

As scheduled, I had accomplished my 6th out of 10 liver flushes; this time using 1 and 1/2 grapefruit instead of 3 lemons combined with 4 oz of extra virgin olive oil.

To remind people of my liver / gallbladder flush regimen:

* Day 1 beginning 8am: Take 16 oz of Apple Juice (not from concentrate) every 2 hours until 8pm.

* Day 2 beginning 8am: Take 16 oz of Apple Juice (not from concentrate) every 2 hours until 6pm.

* Day 2 at 8pm: Mix 4 oz of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 6 oz of freshly squeezed Grapefruit juice, shake well, stand up straight, swallow the whole mixture hopefully within 5 minutes.

Brush teeth to take away the olive oil taste in the mouth.

Once fully ingested and all signs of vomiting are gone, go to bed immediately and lie down on your right side for at least 5 hours. This opens up your gall bladder to spit out stones into your stomach.

* Day 3 beginning 7am: Eat easy to digest fresh / lightly steamed or souped vegetables and fresh fruits for fiber to restart your colon and begin dumping the stones collected in your stomach.

Day 3 beginning 10am or so also in the afternoon: continuously monitor your dumping and count or photograph your green or dark stones. You should dump at least 2 times.

Why I used grapefruit this time?

My sister in law cited her smoother drinking experience with grapefruit juice instead of lemon. I did feel that grapefruit juice mixed more easily with the olive oil. Although my mother in law prefers lemon. You be the judge.

How many stones did I dump this 6th flush?

Quite a lot. My first dump at 10 am produced 2 relatively big stones and dozens of tiny green fragments. My second dump at 8pm produced dozens of tiny green fragments embedded in my dump.

Why still a large number of stones?

The article I read at is correct. Since I had a severe condition as my eczema, I had to flush at least 10 times… and this is just my 6th. So four more flushes. Once per month. And every time I start feeling lazy about whether I should flush or not… I just browse this website and I get reminded about how bad I was a few months ago.

My eczema was a window to the toxicity of my blood. By vicarious elimination, my skin took upon the duties of cleaning my blood when my liver could not function properly due to the baggage of coddling hundreds of “stones.”
I think of my body as a pressure cooker. When my blood became very toxic, my skin on my right lower leg took the lead in relieving the pressure of my blood’s toxicity much like a pressure cooker regulator relieves excess pressure.

My mission then is to cleanse my blood and lessen toxic “pressure” by not injesting more toxins (eat clean, optimal, digestible food and drink) and by cleaning and optimizing my detoxifying organs: My Liver, My Colon, My Kidneys.

To see a picture of my stones expelled by this 6th flush in my dump, go to page 2.
Warning: Gross picture.

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