7th liver flush expels black stones!!!

This 7th liver flush was also done using the same methodology as the 6th liver flush. Using apple juice, olive oil and grape fruit.

This time, I expelled at least 10 black liver stones.

I’m not about to become lazy and stop flushing. I need to do at least 10 liver flushes. Now I know why. I always expelled green stones from flushes 1 to 6, but only now in my 7th flush did I expel black stones. Who knows what colors more to come?

My first dump did not produce stones. But my second dump did. 10 black stones. I wonder what they were? I still do not know what the black stones represent, but I will find out and report these to you.

I did get an initial comment from

http://www.chineseenergytherapy.co.nz/body_detox.htm, that said:

“A.6: Your stones will vary in color from bright green (normal) to dark brown or black (usually a sign of an impending disease-state – these also are very foul-smelling). In the case of someone with a lot heavy metals (common with those who work in the industrial, chemical, or foundry environments) the stones can be red, turquoise, or teal.”

See my dump if you dare. It is gross as usual. But you will see the embedded black stones. Click to page 2.

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