Eczema is not a Disease, Eczema is a Symptom of something much worse

Now that I am 100% well from my eczema problem, it is time for me to look back with a new wisdom and discuss just what my eczema was all about.

My eczema was not a disease. Read that again folks. Eczema is NOT a disease.

My Eczema was a mere SYMPTOM of something more dire inside.

Try going to the Eczema Breakthrough  website of Mr. Mark Anastasi.

Skidmarks as symptoms of car accidents
He has the most logical and factual short discussion of what eczema is:

Eczema is not a Disease
But A Symptom of Your True Disease
Inside Your Body: The Root Cause.

Eczema is simply due to excess acidity being eliminated from your body, so that it doesn’t damage the integrity of your internal systems and organs, through the largest eliminatory organ of your body: YOUR SKIN!

But what CAUSES this excess acidity in the first place??!

In reality, Eczema is not the “disease” at all.

It’s actually a “symptom” – an outward “signal” – of a damaged inner terrain that simply is too polluted, toxic, and acidic!

So what does this mean, you might ask?

A compromised, toxic, acidic inner terrain is a breeding ground for all kinds of “nasties” to proliferate.

These collect in the weakest parts of the body and start tearing the body’s processes down.

That’s what these controversial scientists have found. Eczema doesn’t just happen, but instead is the direct result of a breakdown inside our body.

When millions of people around the world start experiencing the same health problems, something is seriously wrong. Something is unbalanced. And it’s never an “accident”.

Traffic accidents are caused by Skidmarks Disease… NOT!

What scientists have now discovered is… that the “Root Cause” of Eczema is our modern lifestyle, causing your body to become diseased by acids: sugars, carbohydrates, excess fats and uric acid (all very common in our modern diets) keep flowing through our bloodstream.

Because our body is a very delicately balanced organism, whatever you ingest can radically destroy that delicate balance…

Which means…

Eczema on my face and ears 08 Aug 05

Eczema Is Just A Warning Sign
Of A Total Breakdown Inside Your Body
Due To Your Lifestyle.

This is when you develop “Eczema”… And if you don’t stop destroying your body’s internal processes and organs, you develop ever more serious and life-threatening health problems.

Our radical change in diet and lifestyle in the last 100 years has actually transformed your body into a toxic wasteland.

My gallbladder and liver was full of stones
Here�s what leading scientist, Dr Robert O. Young, has to say about the ROOT cause of diseases such as Eczema:

“There is only One Sickness and One Disease, and this one �sickness� is the over-acidification of the body due primarily to an inverted way of living, thinking, and eating… there can therefore be only one remedy and treatment, and that is to alkalise the body and break the cycle of imbalance, thus allowing us to experience the energy, vitality and true health we�re all meant to have.”

Dr. Young is an American microbiologist and nutrition scientist, and is known as one of the top research scientists in the world. His findings are currently sending shockwaves throughout the scientific community.

Published in noted medical journals and having conducted tests in collaboration with the John Hopkins Medical School, his findings are irrefutable and indisputable.

Now for the exciting part:

As soon as these acids stop overflowing your body, it gets a rest from constantly trying to absorb and neutralize them.

Once you “cleanse” the body from the overflow of acids, it starts to heal and rebuild itself.

Once you focus on the ROOT CAUSE of what is causing your Eczema… you instantly start seeing Eczema from a different perspective.

Instead of “Medication” and “fighting the symptoms”, you start thinking about “Health” and treating the CAUSE.

The simple and overlooked truth about Eczema – and many other modern diseases – is that it’s infinitely more important to pay attention to what you put inside your body, than to have to deal with the symptoms that drugs can fight on the outside.

Picture mopping up the bathroom floor… while the drain is clogged… The SMART thing to do, is to unclog the drain, then mop up the floor.

You’re never going to cure anything until you start treating the cause.

My gallbladder and liver was full of stones

  • My eczema symptoms indicated a toxic, polluted, acidic blood. My skin was the final exit of toxins my body chose.
  • The main cause of my eczema was that my liver was unable to cope with the toxicity, my liver was not cleaning up my blood.
  • The reason was my liver and gallbladder was impaired, damaged, blocked with too many liver stones.
  • This liver stones are toxins formed many years due to many stress, pollution, pharmaceutical drugs, bad food, bad water.
  • The ultimate solution was to remove the stones… not via surgery, but by natural means. The liver / gallbladder flush protocol (10 times). Cheap, easy, and effective.

My Lemon, Apple Juice and Olive Oil

Note: I may have missed this discussion about my COLON CLEANSE prior to my liver flush. I used Lifestyles Intra and Rey Herrera’s Herbal to do my colon cleanse BEFORE I began my liver flush.

Note: The skidmarks disease cartoons are screenshots from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s video, “The Town of Allopath”.

You must see this video! Stop treating your symptoms. You must identify and treat the root cause of whatever ails you.

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