Press Release: Eczema Cured by Addressing Toxemia

Here is a press release I made to tell everyone, especially the skeptics, of how I cured my eczema.

A 36 year old man was healed of his eczema on his face, ears, arms and his ravaged lower right leg. His healing began when a doctor correctly diagnosed his condition as Toxemia or Blood poisoning. Kidney cleansing brought rapid relief and monthly gallbladder-liver flushes removed more than 200 green stones which impaired his liver’s blood cleansing function. His ordeal is documented and photographed at

(PRWEB) May 30, 2006 — A 36-year-old man documented and photographed his journey in getting well from his eczema. Edwin Casimero is proud of his achievement and thankful to the doctors and people who have helped him with correct scientific information to overcome his debilitating condition.

“At the height of my eczema attack, I could not go out of the house to show my face, I couldn’t even wear shoes!” says Casimero.

“I went to at least 5 doctors in my city and none of them could come up with the cure. One even told me that eczema is incurable. That was just unacceptable.” Casimero continued.

This led him to go out into the far flung provinces to search for healers who knew what the doctors in his city did not.

He stumbled on an Islamic herbal healer called “Doctor Lorna” in the small town of Morong,Bataan. After a few minutes of analysis, Doctor Lorna said, “You have dirty blood. We will have to clean it. This will need at least 1 month of my personal care.”

Doctor Lorna spent 1 month looking after Casimero and was able to drastically reduce his eczematic symptoms. Fresh herbs of different varieties were used as broad spectrum agents to cure his infected skin. Avocado leaves boiled and made into tea as a blood cleansing agent using the kidneys with some 5 liters consumed per day.

The breakthrough came with the python bile when it was applied on Casimero’s left arm.

“I stayed up the whole night watching the python bile work its legendary properties and heal my left arm in 8 hours.” Casimero explains.

The python bile cure was the most important clue needed by Casimero’s second doctor Divina Hey-Gonzales. Doctor Hey analyzed that with Casimero’s tongue condition, slight pain on his right side and frozen shoulder pain on his left side were all symptoms of liver problems. Possible blockage of bile release caused by stones. Doctor Hey gave her recipe for gallbladder-liver flush using apple juice and olive oil.

The first liver flush resulted in the expelling of large quantities of stuck up cholesterol and at least 100 green stones. Each successive flush resulted in faster healing of the eczema from all over his body. To make the healing process run faster, Casimero took it on his own initiative to take Pancreatin with digestive enzymes supplements.

The last to heal was the eczema on his right leg. By the 5th liver flush, all itching ceased. By the 6th liver flush, the leg had completely healed.

“This eczema is NEVER coming back. We found the root cause and addressed it. I would like to thank everyone who helped. I made a promise to write, photograph and setup a web site to help all eczema sufferers worldwide.” Casimero says.

Edwin Casimero’s eczema cure story and photographs is freely available for all to read at


You can find the original press release at

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