Five Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions Done + 1 more

Dr. Gallego�s regular colon hydrotherapy package comes in 5 sessions. Special enzyme packs are to be ingested a few days prior to each session.

I finished the gruelling 5 sessions. Each session a little less painful than the others. We are talking major diarrhea episodes every minute! And with 60 minutes per session, that is a lot. Kudos to those who feel relaxed during their sessions. I do not. But, no pain no gain.

By the 3rd and 4th session, nurse Michelle says my output was like that of a champ. I�m one with some of the worst amount in quantity and quality of bowel mass. I told her I used to be very very sick. i just got well with liver flushing.

I now realize fully well the theory that the reason my liver produced so many stones was that because my colon was all blocked up, my liver had to step in and do what my colon could no longer do. And when my liver was all clogged up, my skin had to do the job of detoxifying my system.

Now that my colon is and will soon be very clean, no longer will I expect my liver to produce more stones.

Of course I will still do my 9th and 10th liver flushes.

My concern now is that during the 5th colon hydrotherapy session, we should have reached cleansing bottom. Meaning no more gunk. At the end part of the 5th session, some white stuff was being emitted. We don�t really know what that white stuff is. Oxydized germs, fungi, yeast?? It does not really matter as long as we take those out.

Dr. Gallego feels I still have some crevices or pockets of gunk in my colon so I�m coming back for a 6th colon hydrotherapy session this coming thursday. Wish me luck. I will report.

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